Kia Stonic wins Dragons of Asia 2022

Kia Stonic win Dragons of Asia Award


Since its inception, Kia had been on a mission to redefine the future of mobility with its modernistic designs. Kia cars had been crowned with many industry-leading awards and have a long list of accolades to their name. With over 150 major quality awards in safety and performance, the recent win in the Dragons of Asia 2022 by Kia Motors Pakistan has added another achievement to the brand Kia. The global Kia brand is not only known for its quality but powerful performance and safety features that distinguish it from other automobile brands. 


Dragons of Asia is an international body that recognizes the marketing effort of brands and the use of digital platforms to publicize their product or services. The judging panel of Dragons of Asia selects the best marketing communications campaign in various subcategories of performance and awards them country-wise. Winning in any of these reflects the effectiveness of the marketing campaign and strategy execution with maximum target audience reach and engagement. 



Kia Stonic “SUV for the City” Campaign



Kia Lucky Motors is proud to have won Dragons of Asia 2022 for the Kia Stonic marketing campaign in November 2021. Amidst top-of-the-line Kia Sportage, Kia Sorento, Kia Picanto, and Kia Carnival, Kia Stonic has received this distinction for its country-wide promotion of “SUV for the City” promotion.  The campaign has received the Dragons of Asia 2022- Best Social Media or Word of Mouth Campaign Award. This is a significant recognition of an automobile brand's marketing strategy and execution. The campaign for Kia Stonic created much hype and was very well received by the Pakistani audience pre and post-launching ceremony.


Kia Stonic also raked laudable reviews for its charismatic design and ingenious driving controls. The marketing campaign highlighted the uber-urban features of Kia Stonic making it an ideal drive for the city. This campaign ran for more than four months on Kia Pakistan's social media handles, making the slogan #SUVfortheCity almost synonymous with Kia Stonic. Just mention the tagline and you can recognize which Kia car is being discussed. With such immersive branding and product positioning, it was no surprise that the marketing campaign took the award in the best social media or world-of-mouth category. 



Award-winning Criteria for Dragons of Asia



All the entries in Dragons of Asia are screened against four defining criteria; marketing campaign strategy, the concept behind the campaign, the execution, and finally the result. Each entry is then scored in these four domains for the evidence provided by the marketeer. 


There is a lot more than what meets the eye and in the case of the scoring point of view, it holds true. If the marketing concept is new, innovative, original, relevant, engaging, and well-executed as was in the case of Kia Stonic’s campaign “SUV for the City”, only then you would score well to stand strong in this international competition. The final score point takes into consideration the marketing promotion result as evidenced by the marketeer themselves. The highest-scoring entries are then awarded gold, bronze, and silver medals in their respective categories. 


The entries are judged four times by four international judges and the top entry will receive the Best in Country Blue Dragon Award. For the best marketing campaign in Asia, there is a separate category by the name the best in Asia Red Dragon. Entries that scored just below the bronze medal scores will receive a certificate of recognition under the Black Dragon Certificates.  



Kia drives to impress  



Whether you choose Kia Stonic, Kia Sportage, or Kia Sorento, all Kia cars are a class apart with multiple awards to Kia’s legacy. With incredibly exalted automobiles, Kia has set record-breaking milestones that are only getting grander with every passing year. Apart from the futuristic vehicles, Kia Motors Pakistan also offers car services and genuine parts to take care of all maintenance and car repair issues that you might face. So if you are up for owning a Kia, right walk into Kia Motors Site and choose from the Kia car line-up that is truly a symbol of power of innovation.      





1. What are the different variants available of Kia Stonic Pakistan?

Ans. The Kia Stonic is available in two trims; Kia Stonic EX and Stonic EX Plus.


2. What is the price of Kia Stonic in Pakistan?

Ans. The current ex-factory price of Kia Stonic in Pakistan for Stonic EX variant is Rs. 4,545,000 and for Stonic EX Plus variant is Rs. 4,848,000.


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