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With the ever-evolving technology and driving features, new-age cars are driving car enthusiasts into the future of mobility. The once fictional features of cars that we saw in sci-fi movies are now becoming a part of our reality. Since autonomous driving controls are gaining much popularity and have become the highlights of many car brands like Toyota, Honda, MG, Peugeot, Kia, Mercedez, etc, you can fasten your seat belts for an elevated driving experience. 


These days, cars are more than mere driving machines, they are now mobility lifestyles that allow you to move with much ease and safety. The tech-infused interior with built-in connectivity and artificial intelligence controls allows you to call, socialize, navigate, and drive with 360-degree safety. 


While driving you must have wondered at some point how come the car detects the tire pressures and notifies you right away or how the fancy climate control feature adjusts the cabin room temperature or how the parking alerts get activated. These are some of the many perks that you enjoy with the advanced driving sensors in your car’s mechanism. Since Kia Motors is obsessed with making innovation accessible to everyone, Kia cars like Kia Sorento, Kia Stonic, Kia Picanto, Kia Sportage, and Kia Carnival are loaded with such sensors to provide you with the best road time.  



What are Car Sensors?



Car sensors are the smart controls that allow you to use advanced driving features like climate control, lane keeps assist, collision avoidance assist, cruise control, etc. These sensors promptly identify when your car is not on the specified programmed level and will alert you immediately to take corrective measures. These sensors are continuously monitoring the performance and handle every aspect of the futuristic features that you love about your car. 



Different types of Car Sensors



These days almost all cars are equipped with neoteric features to stand out from the crowd and these features are heavily dependent on sensors to work the way they are designed to. Some of these sensors and their functions are as under. 


1. Mass Air Flow Sensor 


This automatic sensor controls the amount of fuel intake by the engine. This sensor is important for maintaining the right amount of fuel for optimum performance.


2. Engine Speed Sensor


This sensor controls the crankshaft rotation and monitors fuel injection into the engine. This not only makes your car more fuel efficient but allows you to enjoy a smooth drive every time without a sudden halt.   


3. Oxygen Sensor


This sensor controls the oxygen present in the exhaust pipe and is crucial for maintaining the emission system in your car. This sensor prompts you when you need to visit for a catalytic converter service and make your car more eco-friendly by consuming less fuel.   


4. Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor- MAP Sensor 


This sensor detects the engine pressure and notifies you whenever there is unusual pressure on the engine. This feature sends a dashboard alert when your car’s engine is consuming high fuel due to high engine load. 


5. Spark Knock Sensor   


This sensor controls the fuel detonation and ensures that the fuel is consumed efficiently. This saves you and your car the trouble to visit the car service station unexpectedly by avoiding damage to the head gasket and rod bearings. 


6. Fuel Temperature Sensor  


This sensor controls the fuel temperature so that the engine gets the right amount of fuel at the right temperature. If the fuel temperature is cold, it will take more time to burn and if the temperature is too high, the fuel will burn quickly. 


7. Parking Sensor


This sensor controls and maintains a safe distance between you and other nearby vehicles and alerts you in case there is any vehicle approaching while you park. These sensors are usually located at the front and rear ends of the cars and allow you to swiftly pass through narrow spaces. 


8. Rain Sensor


This sensor detects rain and automatically turns on the wiper mechanism so you stay focused on driving. This safety feature is placed on the top of the windshield and works on the principle of internal reflection. This sensor also adjusts the speed of the wiper by detecting the amount of moisture in the windshield. 


9. Tire Pressure Sensor


This sensor alerts the driver whenever the tire pressure drops down below 25% of the recommended limit. This sensor is located in the inner part of the rim and is commonly known as TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System). This is a standard feature in all Kia SUVs and protects you from getting into accidents. 


10. Nox Sensor


This sensor detects the amount of nitrogen oxide in the exhaust system and is a part of selective catalytic reduction (SCR). It helps in maintaining a healthy emission system by sending alerts whenever the nitrogen oxide level goes above the standard limit.   



How do Car Sensors work? 



Car sensors are literally live savers bringing convenience, comfort, and safety under one hood.  These sensors are monitored by one smart sensor through the process of multiplexing where a microprocessor is placed in each operational area. For instance, the Drive Wise system in Kia Carnival assists the driver to stay in one lane, the monitor detects the movement through multiple connected sensors and then sends this information to the smart sensor which then flashes a dashboard sign to alert the driver in case the vehicle is moving off track.  


The changing mobility preferences and the way the auto industry is scaling up these features are a clear reflection that these tech-savvy car sensors are only going to get more advanced. These features not only add value to the car but also add more ease to your mundane driving. In case you are worried about the malfunctioning of these sensors, put these thoughts in the back seat and head straight to Kia Motors Site service station. All car services and maintenance are available along with genuine Kia parts to renew your car the way it deserves. Kia Motors Pakistan along with all leading automobile brands like Toyota, Honda, Suzuki, MG, etc. offer computer diagnostics of all electrical components and sensors so that you get to enjoy a hassle-free driving experience that is sure to make you look forward to your next destination.     


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