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Welcome to Kia Motors Site. By visiting our page, you agree to the terms and conditions as defined by Kia Motors Site. You are free to discontinue using this site if the rules and regulations stated do not comply with your moral standards.

The following terms are applied in the Terms and Conditions Agreement. “Client”, “You” and “Your” refers to you. “The Company”, “Ourselves”, “We”, “Our”, and “Us”, refer to Kia Motors Site. “Parties” refer to both client and the Company. All terms fall under implied acceptance and consideration by the client to undertake Company’s stated regulations in the most appropriate manner.

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Kia motors site holds all the intellectual property rights to this website and all the material associated unless otherwise mentioned. You may only access Kia Motors Site web page for personal use only and fully abide by the restrictions and limits set under these terms and conditions.

You can not:

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The below-given organizations can link our website without prior written approval:


  • Search engines.
  • News organizations.
  • Online directory distributors.
  • Publishers.


As long as the above-mentioned organizations don't use our website and content to falsely imply sponsorship, collaboration, or in any way deceptively use our name to represent any association with the Company.

We may approve requests after consideration for the following organizations:




  • Generally known organizations and information resources.
  • Charity associations.
  • Internet websites.
  • Consultation firms.
  • Trade authorities.
  • Educational Institutes.
  • International associations.
  • Legal bodies.


We may allow the above-mentioned organizations to link with Kia Motors Site as long as they represent our accredited business with no prior negative records. We are here to provide all the relevant resourceful information that may help you and our customers to know our services better.

If you are interested to connect with Kia Motors Site and fall in the above-mentioned categories list then feel free to contact us directly through our contact us page. You must inform us by mailing us directly with your name, your company name, your contact information, and the official URL of the website that you want to represent us on. Our Team will contact you within 3-4 weeks with an appropriate response.

Kia Motors Site is a registered trademark and use of the Company’s logo, artwork, and the content will not be allowed.

Reservation of Rights

Kia Motors Site reserves the right to remove all links or any particular link to our website in case of violation of our terms and conditions. We also have the right to alter or terminate any or all terms of our policy at any time. Any association to Kia Motors Site that is labeled as libelous, obscene, criminal, or which infringes or advocates to infringe of any third party rights will be immediately legally processed. By linking to us, you agree to be bound and follow all the terms and conditions of our policy.

Sales and Services

Our sales and services are subject to the Company’s Provisional Booking Order Policy and Kia Service Policy and are effective on all ongoing transactions.

The prices indicated are tentative and are subject to be revised as per government duties and local taxes.

Kia Motors has the right to make alterations to the design and construction specification of the vehicle as required by the federal/ provincial legislation.

The Company may make amendments to the delivery schedule of the vehicle and have the right to alter the price of the vehicle on account of government taxes, levies, currency fluctuations, or any other reason outside the reasonable control of the company. The revised prices shall be borne by the client and will only be provided with the required vehicle after complete payment.

Delay in taking delivery due to any reason which is not communicated to the company directly will be entirely clients’ risk, expense, and responsibility.

Kia Motors Site reserves the right to cancel any sale or service order without communicating beforehand.

Disclaimer Under the applicable law, Kia Motors Site excludes all representations, warranties, and conditions relating to the company to clearly define the scope of our liability. We are:





  • Not liable for death or personal injury.
  • Not liable for fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation.
  • Not liable for any illegal activity under the law.
  • Not liable for any loss or damage of any nature.
  • Not liable for breach of any third-party contract.




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