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Kia Stonic has redefined the compact urban SUV with its fresh, bold, and assertive presence. It's a perfect fusion of a city car that reflects free-spiritedness and has charted new territory in the SUV crossover segment with its agility and ingenious technology. Kia Stonic promises a trailblazing driving experience that's smart enough to handle even the tightest urban spaces. With advanced technology at your fingertips, your driving experience gets more fun and exhilarating. 



Kia Pakistan launched the most awaited Kia Stonic in November 2021 and has since raked amazing driving reviews from car enthusiasts. With its intricately crafted athletic body and smoothly sculpted design, Kia Stonic is currently available in two trims; Kia Stonic EX and Kia Stonic EX+. It comes with a host of tech features and striking interior options that will compel you to buy one right away. Here is a quick overview of the two Kia Stonic trims and what sets them apart. 



Kia Stonic Performance



Kia Stonic is more than just a sharp captivating driving machine. Under the hood is the neoteric engine technology that is as impressive as the Toyota 2jz. Kia Stonic EX and Stonic EX+ offer a fine-tuned car engine to power up your driving experience by matching the local driving conditions effortlessly. Comparing the two trims, there is not much difference between the engine capacity and performance.



Kia Stonic variants- performance

















Kia Stonic Exterior


Kia Stonic exudes confidence with the signature “Tiger Nose Grille”, distinctive LED headlamps, fog lamps, fog lights and smooth body curves. It is designed to impress and is easily noticeable with the flashy 3- dimensional LED rear combination lamps. The difference between the exterior of Stonic EX and Stonic EX+ is quite evident with sunroof and roof rack availability from the list below.



Kia Stonic variants- Exterior

















Kia Stonic Interior  


The interior of Kia Stonic will set your dreams and plans into action with the dual-tone vibrant yellow interior, you will get in the mood for a long drive right away. The car is spacious with extra cargo room that comes with a 60:40 seat split. The built-in infotainment system will elevate your driving experience with Android Auto and Apple Car Play so you are always connected no matter where you are. The difference between Kia Stonic EX and Stonic EX+ interior is listed as under. 



Kia Stonic variants-Interior



















Kia Stonic Safety


Safety has always been among Kia Motors most prominent feature. When you get behind the wheels of Kia Stonic, you are going to feel more secure with all the advanced safety gears in place that are specifically designed to alert you, assist you or even step in so you can steer clear away from any trouble. Both Stonic variants; Stonic EX and Stonic EX+ have the same safety components as evident from the list below.



Kia Stonic variants- Safety










Kia Stonic Comfort and Convenience


Kia Stonic comes with stellar comfort features like adaptive cruise control, park assist sensors, automatic immobilizer, tire pressure monitoring system, etc. The responsive features allow a more optimal drive on any terrain you choose and are truly the next-generation engineering. The key difference between Kia Stonic EX and Stonic EX+ when it comes to convenience is as under.



Kia Stonic variants- comfort












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