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If your car is steering in one direction and you are wondering whether you need a wheel alignment service or not? The answer is a big “yes”! Wheel alignment helps your car to stay on track and point in the direction of the steering movements. Since replacing tyres can be costly, it is the best way to maximize the life of your tyres. Not only do the tyres last longer but it is also safer to drive around. 


It doesn't matter whether you drive a Kia, Honda, Toyota or Suzuki, you will always be needing a wheel alignment service as a part of your car care routine. To provide you with the best in car repair and maintenance, Kia Pakistan has specialized Kia service centers in all authorized Kia dealerships to make your drive time free from car trouble. You may book your service appointment online, via social handles or directly contact the service team to get your desired slot. To give you a better understanding of wheel alignment service and why it’s quite pivotal in maintaining your car in good shape, here is an overview with some service tips from Kia Motors Site.  



What is Wheel Alignment Service? 



Over time car tyres move out of alignment by accidents, hitting curbs or getting in deep potholes. You can feel the difference in driving by just freeing your steering and you will see that it will start tilting in one direction without you moving the steering at all. To adjust your tyres as per the car manufacturer's specifications, a wheel alignment service is required to make it steer clear in the right direction. 



When your car needs a Wheel Alignment Service?



Your car will alert you in advance with all the symptoms of misaligned wheels which is potentially dangerous if left unnoticed. Here is when you should get a professional wheel alignment service without putting it off for too long.


1. Your car tyres start wearing out more quickly.

2. The steering wheel pulls to one side without you doing so.

3. You are rotating tyres.

4. Your car gets into an accident and bumps into a sidewalk or pothole.

5. Your vehicle chassis is lowered or raised after customization. 

6. No periodic maintenance for your car in while. 



How Kia Service Center provides Wheel Alignment Service? 



Authorized Kia Dealerships are trained to provide you with the best maintenance services. Wheel alignment is performed for three types of adjustments; Camber, Toe and Caster. These are further classified as positive and negative camber or caster and tow in or toe out. Misaligned wheels deters your car to follow your steering commands so it’s better to get them fixed as soon as you get the symptoms. You don’t necessarily need to have a Kia car like Kia Picanto, Kia Stonic, Kia Sportage, Kia Sorento, or Kia Carnival. You can check in for a wheel alignment service for any car and Kia Motors will take care of the rest. Here is how Kia Motors Pakistan aligns your wheel. 


1. Kia Service Team will measure and analyze the wheel’s tilt positioning.

2. The service technicians will adjust the vehicle's steering to tune it with the tyres precisely.

3. The suspension angles are then aligned to make sure that wheels are perpendicular to the ground and parallel with each other. 



Why you should never postpone a Wheel Alignment Service? 



Wheel alignment is an important part of your car maintenance service and it protects your car from pre-mature depreciation. Here is why you should never prolong your car’s wheel alignment service. 


1. Misaligned wheels will put more pressure on the car’s engine which leads to poor fuel economy. 

2. Your car’s tyre wears out untimely and will incur unnecessary costs to your car maintenance. 

3. It will also make your car lose its precise balance and affects car handling.

4. Your road safety will be at immense risk when you put off wheel alignment service for long.



Put your car in safe hands   



We know that you care for your car like a family and this is why you should only trust your car with Kia Lucky Motors certified service team. Kia Motors Site is an authorized 3S Kia dealership with professionally trained and skilled technicians to provide the best-in-class maintenance services for your vehicle. Our technicians use the latest technology and genuine parts for wheel alignment so you can steer smoothly on all terrains. Check-in at Kia Motors Site for a wheel alignment service and save your vehicle from early deterioration without blowing off your budget.  



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1. Is wheel balancing different from wheel alignment?

Yes, wheel alignment service and wheel balancing services are different. In wheel alignment service car suspension system is adjusted to the manufacturer’s specifications whereas, in wheel balancing, tire vibration is reduced to stop it from wobbling at high speed.



2. How can I book wheel alignment service online?

You can simply book your service online via “Book a Service” icon on the top menu bar or by clicking here.



3. How much does wheel alignment service cost?

Wheel alignment prices vary for each car model and variant. It also depends upon which car brand you are driving. For Kia cars, wheel alignment service starts from Rs. 4,300 and differs for each Kia vehicle.




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