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During the monsoon season, the first thing any car owner worries about is how to protect his/her car from the rain damage (especially addressing people who adore their drive more than their friends). Car trouble is real but not inevitable and with a few precautionary measures, anyone can cruise along the monsoon season without much hassle. Keeping this need in mind, Kia Motors Site has designed monsoon service packages for Kia owners to make the most of the amazing weather without facing any issues while they drive.


Since the onset of the monsoon season is expected during the last week of June, whereas, pre-monsoon rain starts in the second week of June. It gives enough window to prep your drive before the heavy downpour begins. Due to drastic climate changes over the years, above-normal rainfall (140.8 millimeters of rain in the country is considered normal) is expected during the monsoon season. Heavy rainfall triggers flash flooding and urban flooding in plain areas. After the monsoon showdown is over, that's when you need a full car service to undo the rain defacement.  


So now the question is what could be done to rainproof your car. But before answering that query, you may want to know why it's so important to get a service check in the first place. Most probably your car may have been stuck in the rain once or twice by now and I am sure that nobody would recommend taking that trip.


Rain causes more accidents than snow or fog because of the hydrophobicity of the glass, the windshield becomes blurry unless you are using a high-quality wiper to clean the windshield.


Apart from the blurred line of sight, the electrical components of your car can get damaged if the water enters through any inlet. The rainwater is extremely detrimental to your engine’s health as it makes the car sluggish and unstartable.


Water wading is really common during monsoon and can cause a flameout within a matter of minutes (trust me, you don't want to experience that). This may also lead to engine scrapping and the only rescue at that time is to report the company for repair service


To avoid the monsoon mayhem you can opt for a pre-monsoon service checkup and once the monsoon is over, your car will require another inspection trip to Kia service center. The maintenance service includes replacing wiper blades, changing worn tires, and checking headlights for improved visibility in the rain among many others. Waxing your car is another weatherproof service that will put a protective coating around the car, causing the water to run off faster and dry quicker. This invisible layer protects your car from air-borne debris as well. Interior cleaning and full car wash service is an ideal post monsoon service to  wash away all the dirt and sludge that comes with driving in rain. 


To save you the inconvenience, Kia Motors Site has launched monsoon campaign to ensure complete car readiness prior and post the rainy season. The service provides a comprehensive vehicle check-up and ensures that the car is in excellent condition to bear the weather.


The service is conducted by highly skilled and Kia-certified technicians. To avail the monsoon service, you need to book an appointment prior the service. The service includes special offers on undercoating service, waxing, and washing service. You can also choose from the pre-designed special packages for Kia Carnival, Kia Sorento, Kia Picanto, Kia Stonic, Kia Sportage, and other vehicles. Here is a list of services that you may get at Kia Motors Site service center. 


1- Undercoating service.

2- Wheel alignment & interior cleaning service.

3- A/C service & gas charging (with complimentary AC check-up).

4- Rubbing & polishing service.

5- Interior cleaning with wax polishing service. 


Through this monsoon service, Kia Motors Site is sending a positive message to drive cautiously during the heavy rain and amidst water-logged areas and ensure complete readiness of your car at all times.


Ask yourself now, is your car performing the way it should? If not then you might be needing Kia Motors Site assistance to maintain your car after the monsoon is finally over. 



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