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Kia Sportage swags a very athletic design with a distinctive strapping build and avant-garde cabin room that is devised to outperform with its ingenious technology and features. The fusion of modern tech with a sporty outlook creates a daring dominant presence. Kia Sportage is the best-selling variant by Kia Pakistan and is available in three trims; Kia Sportage Alpha, Kia Sportage AWD (All Wheel Drive), and Kia Sportage FWD (Front Wheel Drive). All three are compelling drives making them a promising contenders in the SUV arena in Pakistan.  



Even though all three Sportage variants belong to the same pack but differ in specifications, highlights and pricing. Here is a comparison to let you decide which Kia Sportage trim to choose from.  





Designed to deliver a dynamic performance under all terrains, Kia Sportage Alpha, Sportage AWD, and Sportage FWD provide formidable handling and driving experience that will get you moving across urban, countryside, or anywhere your mood takes you. The three trims vary based on engine type and capacity which are enlisted below.

















With the signature “Tiger-Nose Grille” along with the Panoramic Sunroof, the exterior of Kia Sportage is in a class of its own with a view like no other. The basic features are the same for Kia Sportage AWD, Sportage Alpha, and Kia Sportage FWD like LED headlamps, position lamps, and daytime running lamps (DRLs) with slight changes in the exterior lighting and alloy rims. A key difference between Sportage Alpha and Sportage AWD and FWD is the panoramic sunroof and roof rack. Key differences in Sportage exterior are listed as under.
















The breathtaking interior of Kia Sportage flaunts an 8” infotainment system that is ergonomically placed to match your connectivity needs. Sportage AWD, FWD, and Alpha come with a remarkable luxurious interior with different fabric materials and cabin functionality. The striking difference between Kia Sportage Alpha, Sportage FWD, and Sportage AWD is depicted below.

















The comfort of Kia Sportage is contagiously compelling, once you get used to it, you will probably never go back to another car brand. The features are designed to give you 360-degree convenience. From parking to car locking, there is so much ease when you drive Kia Sportage. The major differences between Sportage Alpha, Sportage AWD, and Sportage FWD are in the park assist sensors, tailgate, and braking which are listed as under.













Kia Motors has always prioritized safety for all Kia cars especially Kia SUVs by staying a step ahead to curate the most stable and secure driving experience. For this reason, Kia Sportage is integrated with the latest safety features so that you can cruise down any road without any trouble. All standard safety gears are present in Sportage AWD and Sportage FWD but Sportage Alpha comes with airbags, an anti-lock braking system, and ISO Fix Child Anchors. The differences can be gauged from the list below. 








With so many awe-inspiring features, Kia Sportage has become an unrivaled challenger among Toyota, Honda, Suzuki, and Honda. Car enthusiasts are now awaiting Kia Sportage 2022, codenamed “NQ5” which is an engineering splendor in itself. Kia Sportage parts, repair, and maintenance service is easily available at Kia Motors Site along with other car care services. You can also test drive your Sportage along with other Kia variants; Kia Sorento, Kia Stonic, Kia Picanto, and Kia Carnival at Kia Motors Site and decide for yourself which Kia car is your perfect drive match.  




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