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With the bold, distinctive style, Kia Picanto rules the hatchback category in Pakistan. The sharp curves and innovative discerning features are enough to make it stand apart. Kia Picanto, originally known as Kia Morning, was designed and launched by the Korean automobile giant Kia and was introduced in the Pakistani market in 2019. Since its launch, Kia Picanto has gone through minor facelifts and the signature “tiger nose grille” integration. Sold under the banner of Lucky Motors Corporation (LMC), Kia Pakistan is currently offering the second generation of Kia Picanto which is locally assembled at the Kia Motors assembly plant in Port Qasim, Karachi. Kia Picanto is the only hatchback among the powerful Kia Pakistan line-up of Kia Stonic, Kia Sportage, Kia Sorento, and Kia Carnival


Kia Picanto is a five-door compact hatchback with a 1.5-liter fuel tank capacity. The stylish exterior coupled with the intelligent interior will make you fall in love again with your Kia car. Kia Picanto is designed to make your busy city life as cool as it can get. With the ability to maneuver amidst the tightest of urban streets, Kia Picanto is a must-have to keep up with the challenging urban life. Kia Pakistan is offering two transmissions of Picanto; Kia Picanto manual and Kia Picanto automatic which are available in cherry black, clear white, mercury blue, and sparkling silver color options. There is not much difference between the two variants except for the transmissions so let’s take a closer look at the specifications of Kia Picanto and why is it a heartthrob among Pakistani hatchbacks.



Kia Picanto Performance     



Kia Picanto is crafted and tuned for the city streets which is why it comes with an MPI Inline 3 cylinder (gasoline) engine that matches the local driving conditions. You may choose either a 5-speed manual transmission or a 4-speed automatic transmission in Kia Picanto. Both the variants offer the same torque and horsepower so you are good to go with either of them. Kia Picanto fuel average ranges between 12-15 km per liter so you benefit the most no matter what. Here is why Kia Picanto performs the way it does.


Kia Picanto- Kia Motors Pakistan













Kia Picanto Exterior



The exterior of Kia Picanto is zestful with a touch of fun. The stylish radiator grille and multi-focus reflector headlamps give the front bumper the steady poise that becomes more prominent with daytime running lamps (DRLs) and 14-inch (optional) alloy rims. Both variants of Picanto car have the same specifications when it comes to exterior design. 


Kia Picanto- Kia Motors Pakistan









Kia Picanto Interior


The moment you step inside Kia Picanto, you will understand what makes it a popular Kia car. The interior features are brilliantly positioned to keep everything readily accessible at arm's reach. With leg room, headroom, and shoulder room you get plenty of space to organize your stuff with luggage under the floor box and passenger seat under tray. The silver strip center fascia and 9-inch LCD player with MP5 touch screen will always keep you connected while you drive. Below are the specifications which show how Kia Picanto sports a vibrant yet elegant interior space. 


Kia Picanto- Kia Motors Pakistan













Kia Picanto Comfort and Convenience


The comfort and ease that you enjoy with Kia Picanto is priceless. All of which is a clear indicator of the quality material and the intricate research to bring you the best driving experience possible. Kia Picanto automatic and manual variants both come with a climate control feature with keyless entry to keep your drive time as smooth as you always wanted it to be. Here is why you should opt for Kia Picanto and revel in the comfort on the go. 


Kia Picanto- Kia Motors Pakistan







Kia Picanto Safety 


Both Kia Picanto variants are equipped with all the safety gears to keep you and your loved ones secure while you are on the road. These features include airbags, immobilizer, central door locking, anti-lock braking system, burglar alarm, and security system with the ISO Fix child seat anchors. So pack away your luggage and take a city detour because Kia Picanto has got your back on the road to make your drive time fun and energizing in every way. 


Kia Picanto- Kia Motors Pakistan










Whether you choose Kia Picanto manual or Kia Picanto automatic, you will get to enjoy all the above-highlighted features in both variants. Kia Picanto is competing with Toyota Wigo, Hyundai i10, Honda Jazz and, Suzuki Cultus in the hatchback segment. Kia Picanto price varies for both transmissions in Pakistan. The price of Kia Picanto manual transmission starts from Rs. 3,100,000 and price of Kia Picanto automatic transmission starts from Rs. 3,200,000. Test drives are available at all official Kia Pakistan dealerships including Kia Motors Site. Kia Motors Site is also offering premium car care services along with genuine Kia parts to keep your Kia cars in the best condition. So if you have any queries or suggestions, you may always contact Kia Motors Site, and our friendly Kia Motors service team will assist you at every step of your car maintenance journey.  




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