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When you think of an SUV you expect a car that's roomy, comfortable, and easy to drive. But what about the modern tech features that take it up a notch from an average SUV available in the market? Keeping this in mind, the South Korean automobile giant- Kia Motors introduced Kia Sorento which is a perfect balance between technology and ultimate convenience with some of the most exciting tech features that will make you rethink your standard SUV design.



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The Kia Sorento is a crossover SUV designed for the wanderers eager for thrilling roads no matter what terrain they choose. Kia Sorento was first launched back in 2002 and since has revealed many trims to keep up with its status among other SUV brands like Toyota Fortuner, Toyota Rav4, Corolla Cross, and Hyundai Tucson.


With a strong body-on-frame SUV, Third-generation Kia Sorento is available in three variants- FWD 2.4L, AWD 2.4L, and FWD 3.5L. Swanking the signature tiger-nose-grille, Kia Sorento can be spotted from across the street and stands apart in the crowded SUV arena.



Kia Sorento Exterior- A Sight to Behold



The first glimpse at Kia Sorento will leave you in awe of the craftsmanship and the stylish curves in the body works. This 7-seater crossover is big on tech, big on space, and big on elegance. With a satin-chrome finish on door handles, it comes with Bi-Function Projection LED headlamps and a front LED turn signal. In addition, the front bumper has LED daytime running lights (DRLs), LED-type fog lamps, and position lamps that give Kia Sorento a more elegant outlook.


Maintaining a 360-degree style approach, Kia Sorento sports electrically adjustable, heated, and retractable side mirrors. With LED lamps in the rear, the car has a shark fin antenna and an LED high-mounted stop lamp integrated with the rear spoiler.


Kia Sorento boasts a panoramic sunroof that will make you feel like the sky just came down in your drive cabin. With a full view of the day and night sky, you will be swept off your feet in the picturesque driving experience.



Kia Sorento Interior- Smart on the Inside



From the inside, Kia Sorento swags luxurious leather-wrapped steering and gearshift with tilt and telescopic adjustment. The steering is equipped with audio call, voice recognition, cruise control, and MID functions. To satiate your entertainment cravings, the interior has a 3.5-inch cluster conventional TFT LCD with a rheostat that displays all your drive time information and a 7-inch infotainment system to keep you belted in your seats with access to all favorite music through Android Auto and Apple Car Play. The infotainment system supports radio, media, and a rearview camera display. The built-in 6 audio speakers can be easily connected via Bluetooth and AUX.


To keep up your mood while you drive Kia Sorento has dual-zone climate control air conditioning that will make your drive feel like a cool cruise in any weather. Add a cavernous leg and headroom to your Sorento and you get yourself a pretty capacious four-wheel luxury.


The spacious Kia Sorento has three seating rows and features power reclining, sliding, height adjustment, and cushion tilting in the driver and front passenger seats of 2.4L AWD and 3.5L FWD variants but only in the driver seat in 2.4L FWD variant. The rear rows have USB outlets to make connectivity convenient for everyone on board. The lumbar support in the driver seat is available in all variants. The seats split in a 60:40 ratio with the third-row seats in a 5/5 split.



Kia Sorento Safety- It has got you covered



The most important safety feature in all Kia cars is the use of airbags in the driver and passenger seats. The 2.4L AWD and 3.5L FWD have four airbags while 2.4L FWD has only two. Another feature is smart cruise control that continuously monitors the distance to the vehicle in front and adjusts the speed of the car and stops when needed, automatically.


The built-in Vehicle Stability Management System, Anti-lock Braking System, Hill-start Assist Control, Brake Assist System, Electronic Stability Control, and ISO Fix Child Anchors are some of the most popular safety features that you enjoy while driving Kia Sorento.



Kia Sorento Engine- Power Unrivaled



Kia Sorento 2.4L FWD and 2.4L AWD come with a Theta-II 2.4 DOHC engine, generating a maximum power output of 127/6000 Kw/rpm and torque of 225/4000 Nm/rpm. To add more power to the already athletic engine, these trims have a 6-speed automatic and sportsmatic transmission so you get to experience power beyond all expectations.


The 3.5L FWD trim has the best-in-class Lambda-II 3.5L V6 engine accompanied by 8-speed automatic and sportsmatic transmission. Raging fiercely with all the more power and speed, the engine belts out a 2.6/6300 hp/rpm with maximum torque of 336/5000 rpm.



Kia Sorento Drivewise- Reimagine the way you drive



When you take the wheel of Kia Sorento, you will definitely find yourself making excuses to take another road trip. With an exceptionally competent drive-train, you will experience a very smooth and comfortable drive. The car steering is quick and responsive and allows the driver to easily control the vehicle.


The suspension system absorbs all the shocks from bumps and potholes and maintains a steady drive throughout the journey. You can sit back and relax as  Kia Sorento is all set to roll without taking a toll on sharp turns and twists.


With all this power under the hood, Kia Sorento is competing with Toyota Fortuner, Toyota Prado, Corolla Cross, and Toyota Rav4. With the striking good looks and feasible pricing, Kia Sorento has become a more desirable option for car enthusiasts.



Kia Sorento Maintenance- An Easy Keep



Your Kia Sorento is way easy to keep than you expected. It is quite convenient as it is locally assembled in Pakistan. The auto parts are readily available because Kia Motors Site is providing after-sales service that will keep you and your Sorento as happy as a clam or whatever makes you high. Kia Motors Site is also providing periodic maintenance for your Sorento along with other seasonal packages and premium services at discounted prices with impeccable car care service from highly skilled and Kia-certified technicians. So head to Kia Motors Site and take your Sorento for a spin to experience a drive like never before.



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