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The dilemma most car owners face while choosing between original and fake auto parts for their cars is whether to consider cost or quality. Since low prices seem lucrative but in the long run only damage the car and put the driver and passengers at immense risk. Genuine parts are costly but save the repair cost that is caused by cheap duplicate auto parts. Kia Motors Site recommends to choose only genuine Kia parts for your cars especially Kia Sorento, Kia Sportage, Kia Picanto, Kia Stonic and Kia Carnival to maintain your safety and the warranty coverage that comes with your Kia car



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Difference between Genuine and Non-Genuine Parts 



Original parts go through rigorous testing under specified standards by automobile manufacturers like Honda, Toyota, Hyundai, Suzuki, and Kia as it plays an important role in car performance and safety. Kia Motors recommend only genuine Kia parts to maintain a high level of quality, safety, and functionality on a global level. This ensures that the vehicle will operate the way it was designed to. On the contrary, counterfeit parts may look the same with the same logo or part number inscribed to make them look alike. But having the same look doesn't make it a genuine part. Here is why:  


1. Testing, Quality, and Standards


The key and primary difference between a genuine and non-genuine auto part are that the former is tested on global automobile standards. These tests are designed to check the durability, reliability, and quality of the auto part and then made available within a given warranty period.


But when it comes to non-genuine parts, they don’t have any proof of their specifications, quality of the material and or any verification of the part being safe and reliable. The major concern with duplicate auto parts is the warranty since, there is no quality testing and therefore, no warranty period to claim back your money. 


2. Cost plus additional costs


The only reason people opt for non-genuine parts over genuine auto parts is because of the prices. The general notion is that counterfeit parts may save money and are more economical but take a quick drive down the memory lane to how much will it cost if your car broke down in the middle of the road or highway? How much it will cost if you got in an accident?  The cost plus the trouble that it will incur is far greater than the money that you might have saved when getting a fake auto part. It doesn't make sense to compromise your safety for a relatively small price.   


3. Warranty Coverage


When you deploy a non-genuine auto part it will affect the entire vehicle and compromise the warranty that you have on your vehicle. Since Kia Motors Pakistan only recommends genuine auto parts but the damages that arise due to fake parts may hamper the warranty coverage that Kia cars owner have the right to claim. This warranty policy is associated with all major automobile manufacturers like Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, Suzuki, Changan Motors, Peugeot, MG, etc for the only reason that all original parts are designed to make your vehicle perform their optimum but duplicate parts are only developed to cause more harm to your vehicle.  



Why Non-Genuine parts are dangerous? 



When you do a cost-benefit analysis of the genuine vs non-genuine parts, the latter is destined to fail you in the long run. The duplicate part might seem cost-effective but puts your safety at high risk due to low quality.


This impacts the overall vehicle life as low-quality fake parts will automatically reduce the drive time of vehicle. Counterfeit parts possess high risk as if you are driving a time bomb that can go off any minute. This also affects other components of your vehicle and is detrimental to the car’s health within a short span of time.  


In addition, genuine auto parts require one-time replacement and last longer while non-genuine parts fail readily and require frequent replacement in a short period. 



Benefits of Genuine Parts 


1. Warranty

Purchasing branded auto parts will give you the benefit of warranty coverage, this guarantees you buyer protection if the product fails to function properly or meet the expectations that come with genuine auto parts. 


2. Safety

The greatest upside of genuine parts is the reliability as it is designed to keep you and your car safe in almost all conditions. Parts like spark plugs, windscreen wipers, and car brakes cannot be compromised upon and therefore require original components when replaced. Branded original parts have a reputation to maintain and are tested to the core to meet customers’ expectations for being highly reliable and safe. 


3. Compatibility

When you are thinking to replace the spare parts or components where functionality matters like an air filter, oil filter, carburetor, fuel filter, wiper blades, inter cooler, brake, or brake pads. This will ensure that the part replaced is perfect for the vehicle and will not cause any problem in the future.




How to Authenticate Parts’ Genuineness



To tell between a genuine auto part from a counterfeit one can be tricky and require some experience and a good eye to catch the slightest discrepancy in the make, design, quality, and weight of the part. Here is a checklist to help you make the right decision while choosing to buy auto parts for your vehicle. 




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