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We all enjoy a good drive whether it’s a long road trip to the countryside, racing back home after a long day at work, or simply going for grocery shopping. A well-maintained car not only saves our time and energy but also keeps us entertained whenever we feel like reenergizing ourselves. So what can we do to ensure a hassle-free drive all year round? Well, Kia Motors Site is here to take care of your car troubles so that your Kia cars keep performing as designed and stay in the most optimal condition. 


Most people believe that if the vehicle is brand new and has just driven a few thousand miles will not require any car repair service. Hate to break this notion but Kia Motors recommends a periodic maintenance check-up to save you the risk of a sudden car breakdown and heavy repair costs. Now the question is when to get a service check for your car. Most cars come with dashboards alert that will flash to warn you about the car's deteriorating health. Red flash alerts denote urgency such as low oil levels or high engine temperature. This calls for immediate car service to safeguard your drive from potential permanent damage. Currently, Kia Motors Site is offering car services for all cars alongside Kia Picanto, Kia Sorento, Kia Carnival, Kia Stonic, and Kia Sportage



Which Kia car services can you avail? 



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Kia Motors Site offers a complete vehicle inspection to gauge the general wear and tear and provides extensive and well-rounded car maintenance for your vehicle. The services are designed to check the overall health of the car and may vary depending on the vehicle make, model, and severity of the damage your car has suffered. The mileage of your car is also a determinant of the services your car may require. For this reason, Kia Motors recommends periodic maintenance service which contains all the essentials of car care plus promotional discounts and offers on services that will make you book your next car service right away.  


Here is a list of services you can book at Kia Motors Site.



Why choose Kia car services?



Kia Pakistan is renowned for its exceptional expertise, out-class service experience, and impeccable product quality. Kia service team is highly skilled and certified to service your cars and ensure a worry-free drive. By maintaining periodic services, you actually enhance vehicle’s life because fresh fluids and new parts tweak up your drive for many years to come. 


On top of this, Kia Motors Site offers 4 years/ 100,000 km warranty coverage so your vehicle is all covered for you to enjoy your driving whenever and however you like. Kia Motors Site has also designed various service plans perfectly tailored to suit your vehicle needs. The services are absolutely convenient as all genuine auto parts are readily available to boost up your drive time for an amazing refined driving experience. 



Benefits of Kia car maintenance



Whether you choose a wheel alignment service or AC service, Kia Motors will service your vehicle that always stays par with global Kia standards. Here is why you may want to kick back and relax once you check in for a car service at Kia Motors Site


After you book your appointment befitting your schedule, our customer service will always provide a friendly welcome when you check in for the service. Kia Motors also offer vehicle pick and drop services to save you the hassle of bringing in your car for maintenance.


Our service team will always perform a thorough inspection and will discuss the car repair options for your vehicle. After the service, a full inspection is carried out to ensure that all quality checks are maintained and fulfilled. 


All car repair costs are communicated upfront with no hidden charges to maintain a transparent transaction at all levels. Our technicians only use genuine Kia parts so that your warranty coverage stays intact and you get the most out of the warranty policy. 


All maintenance services are fully documented and entail all the components used with prices in the job card. This is to establish clarity of the entire service process and remove any ambiguity that you might have.


Once you check out, our service team will contact you for feedback so that we continuously improve our services and serve you better in the future. 



How to book your Kia car service?



All our car detailing services are designed to facilitate our customers because Kia Pakistan cares for the trust and loyalty our customers have shown us. You can either book a service appointment over the phone call, via WhatsApp, or through our social media handles, and our service care team will accommodate you for your next maintenance service promptly.   



Note: All services are based on indicative pricing and are subject to change, please review our terms and conditions for more information.



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