Fuel Efficiency Guidelines



Whether you drive a brand new crossover or a used reliable vehicle, knowing how to make your car more fuel efficient should be your forte. With the fuel pricing soaring high and giving you a head spin before you take out your drive for an actual spin, maintaining fuel efficiency is now inescapable. Fuel efficiency is the miles per gallon a vehicle offers and the greater the mileage per gallon, the more fuel-efficient is the car. Automobile manufacturers like Toyota, Honda, Kia, Hyundai, Peugeot, MG, Suzuki, and Changan Motors all have been designing cars to reduce carbon footprint by increasing fuel efficiency. So let's take a quick look at the guidelines that can help you make your car more fuel efficient and eco-friendly.    


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How to Make Your Car Fuel Efficient 



Frankly, it's not that difficult to maintain a good fuel-efficient car but it can become difficult if you don't take the necessary steps. All you got to do is make some minor changes to the way you drive and service your vehicle and you are all good to go. Here are a few pointers to help you make your drive more fuel-efficient and get the best mpg (mileage per gallon) on the road. 


1. Lessen the Weights


Get rid of all the extra weight that you are driving around with. Anything that is unnecessary, takes up space in your car, and serves no purpose should be thrown out. Only drive with what is essential and keep the extra stuff at home or in the garage. 


2. Speed Up Gradually


When you learned how to drive, you were taught to take the speed up slowly and not all at once. The reason behind this is to prevent your car from high fuel consumption. So the next time you drive, don’t rev the accelerator suddenly but steadily as it will help you conserve fuel. 


3. Keep Wheels Aligned 


Maintaining wheel alignment is another important aspect of fuel efficiency guidelines. Check for loose wheel fittings and tire inflation levels so you can enjoy a smooth drive without any rolling resistance. This will improve fuel efficiency of your vehicle by providing better mileage for years to come. 


4. Periodic Maintenance


A crucial factor in upgrading your car’s fuel efficiency is understanding how frequently you service your car. Various car engine components like fuel injection system, clutch plate, clogged-up catalytic converter & exhaust system all impact your car’s fuel efficiency. Changing engine oil with 5w30 or 5w40 synthetic oils will also increase fuel efficiency. In short, Periodic maintenance will boost up your car’s mpg and save you the cost of high fuel consumption.  


5. Air Filter Service


Air Filter keeps your engine dust, dirt, and debris free and therefore needs more regular service. A clogged-up air filter system will make your car engine stall when your car is idling and will result in dreadful fuel wastage. Keep a regular air filter check to ensure better mileage and fuel efficiency. 


6. Keep AC down


Running AC in hot temperatures also reduces fuel efficiency so avoid using the AC when car is idling or stationary. Park under shade during the summers so that it will not pressurize the air conditioning system to cool off the cabin air first. Roll down the windows and let the warm air pass out. Keep your car cool especially in hot weather to enjoy a more efficient fuel mileage.   

7. Mind Your Driving 


Many drivers claim that coasting, driving in neutral, or with the clutch pressed down, will improve their fuel mileage but it actually damages the engine parts and puts added pressure on the braking system. When you drive on steep slopes or hilly terrains, you need to maintain a constant speed to reduce high fuel consumption but doing the opposite will not allow you to attain fuel efficiency. So avoid coasting and idling as your driving behavior is the main factor to improve your car’s fuel efficiency.  



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The smallest of changes to your driving routine can lead to a greater, better, and lasting fuel efficiency in your vehicle. This will not only tweak up the car’s engine but will also allow you to enjoy a more refined and effortless drive. Considering the above guidelines, Kia Motors has designed the most fuel-efficient cars, be it Kia Stonic, Kia Picanto, Kia Sportage, Kia Sorento, or Kia Carnival, each is perfectly paired with neoteric technology that will amplify your drive time to new efficacious potential. So do drive but drive safe and steady!  




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