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Whether you have recently bought a new car or own one for ages, knowing which motor oil is right for your car is essential. To fuel your car for new adventures so you can drive around with a magnetically powerful engine performance, Kia Motors has launched Kia DriveOn. This engine oil is specifically designed for Kia Sorento, Kia Sportage, Kia Picanto, Kia Stonic and Kia Carnival. This engine oil defends your car from internal wear and tear and refines your engine to perform its best. Let’s take a closer look at why Kia DriveOn is the perfect match for your Kia



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Kia DriveOn- The Genuine Engine Oil 



Keeping the car’s engine in mind, Kia Motors has specifically designed a synthetic engine oil to optimize engine performance. This engine oil helps in keeping the engine clean and efficient. It cleanses the vehicle engine parts by lubricating them and keeping them as good as new. The powerful formula last longer, offer more engine protection and is highly recommended by Kia Pakistan for Kia and other vehicles. It contains both mineral and synthetic base stocks to yield better performance as compared to conventional mineral engine oils.


The formula is designed to reduce the wear and tear among engine parts as it has low viscosity and flows smoothly into all engine parts effortlessly. Major automakers like Kia, Honda, Toyota, MG, Peugeot, Suzuki, and Hyundai all approve synthetic oil as it moves faster, helping the engine parts move quicker.


Kia DriveOn acclimatizes to all weather conditions and warms up the engine for any road that you plan to take. It diminishes energy losses and increases fuel efficiency to keep your drive time fun and hassle-free. 


DriveOn comes with a four years warranty if kept covered, in a dry place, and away from heat. As the slogan suggests “Performance Begins from Within”, Kia DriveOn is the best motor oil that will help your car's engine perform its best. 



Kia DriveOn- Benefits of Fully Synthetic Engine Oil   



Kia understands its cars and knows what could unleash the full potential of its vehicles. Kia Motors has designed DriveOn, a fully synthetic motor oil that's a perfect match for all Kia cars. The formula is engineered to keep Kia cars functioning with consistent and quality performance. Kia DriveOn is available in 5w30 4L, 5w30 3L, and 5w30 1L. It has become the first choice of all Kia car owners and is now gaining much popularity among other vehicle owners. 


Similarly, brands like Shell Company not only offer Shell petrol but also develop engine oils that are specifically designed for vehicles based on their mileage. Shell engine oil is available in Shell 5w30 oil, 10w30 oil, 5w40 oil, etc. Engine oil prices may vary based on the brand that you are choosing. 


The next big question is why it is so crucial to get a periodic oil inspection and maintenance? Well, Kia Motors recommends DriveOn engine oil and oil filter change after every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. This will prevent possible engine issues and will save you the cost of basic auto care like repair and restoration. 


Many drivers choose to change engine oil themselves but Toyota Service Center, Honda Service Center, and Kia Service Center offer full car care services that include oil change along with other car detail services. The car mechanics are highly trained and Kia certified to provide an immaculate car service.


Here is why you should choose a fully synthetic Kia DriveOn as your engine oil.




Kia DriveOn- When to Change Engine Oil?  



Kia Sorento, Kia Sportage, Kia Picanto, Kia Stonic and Kia Carnival are equipped with an engine oil monitoring system that keeps an eye on your vehicle’s motor oil and will alert you readily when your vehicle needs an oil change. You may gauge the oil manually if your car lacks this monitoring system. The dipstick test will show you whether you have a low level of engine oil or too much.


Here are the symptoms that will warn you when there is a low level of car oil in your car. 


1. Dashboard Alert:

The first symptom that you may encounter when your car’s engine has low oil pressure is the dashboard light. There is a sensor inside cars that measures oil pressure and when it detects low levels of engine oil, it will illuminate a warning light on your dashboard. 


2. Knocking Noise:

When your car’s engine is running low on engine oil for some time then the engine parts will loosen the engine rods due to increased friction and lack of lubrication. These rods hold the pistons tightly in place but as the rods loosen, it will cause knocking sounds in your car. 


3. Burning Smell: 

The car engine has many moving metal components that discharge a lot of heat. With low engine oil, this heat will result in a burning smell that will fill the entire cabin. This is enough to alert you to get a quick engine oil check and cool off your car engine parts with the right lubricant.  


The worst-case scenario for ignoring the above low engine oil symptoms would be an engine failure. As your car would have already flashed out all the alert signs to get to this fatal stage. It will not be as simple as getting an alloy wheel repair but will require a full engine replacement that can cost you millions depending on the damage and condition of your car.   




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