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Standing tall with the motto of making mobility convenient, and comfortable with all the futuristic features to stay connected on the go. Kia Motors Site has delivered all this and much more with the global Kia line-up of modernistic vehicles. Currently, Kia Motors is offering Kia Picanto, Kia Stonic, Kia Sportage, Kia Sorento, and Kia Carnival to the residents of Karachi with premium car care services to make the driving experience a class apart. 


So what makes Kia Motors Pakistan an inspiration to define the future of automobiles? What drives Kia Motors to reimagine the way we move? And what we may expect to experience when we get to own a Kia? Well, the answers are right down here!      



Design - Making Imagination a Reality 



Design is at the core of the brand spirit. It's more than the shapes, lines, and decoration. It is about making the brand come alive and wooing the customers with the product.


This is how Kia Motors had been curating and designing vehicles to redefine the Kia brand with unmatched quality and style that are the signature of the Kia brand. To this day, Kia Motors is gaining immense popularity around the world for making the driving experience all the more exciting and fun.   


When we talk about the design philosophy of Kia, it had been a perfect mix of simplicity and innovation from the very beginning. One of the important design fundamentals is the curve and straight line which is the underpinnings of Kia design. Straight-line symbolizes clarity, distinction, and precision which is a true reflection of the design minds at Kia Motors. It is a depiction of the attitude and vision of Kia's design concept vividly evident in all its variants.


The design is aimed at achieving long-term customer reliability with simple yet intricate interior and exterior details. This combination is a consistent trademark of Kia Pakistan and is hard to find in other car brands.


Among the iconic Kia features are the signature Tiger-nose Grille, headlamps, and brand logo that makes a unique design look easily recognizable even from afar. Kia Motors has maintained these signature details over the past years and now people instantly pick out a Kia on the roads without a hitch. 



Mobility Inspired



With the changing times and ever-evolving technology, a car has become more than just a means of mobility. It is now a “living space” with the specs of a modernistic vehicle connected with the technology that is readily available on the go. The new paradigm attracting customers is the trend of owning a car that represents their personality and at the same fits their needs.


This new perception is changing how Kia Motors designers are curating new designs. The car industry is absorbing this rapid transformation and Kia Motors is leading the way to meet these expectations of our customers and provide them with vehicles that are a true representation of their personality.


To realize this in terms of mobility features Kia Motors has manufactured and introduced top-of-the-line vehicles like Kia Sorento, Kia Sportage, Kia Carnival, Kia Picanto, and Kia Stonic to keep the bar high and offer a variety of mobility options with top-class Kia car services in a comprehensive manner. 


Kia Motors is heavily investing in the field of mobility service platforms for the customers who want more when it comes to driving options. The top feature of Kia cars is its driving functionality by the name Kia Drive Wise. This suite is designed to provide added peace of mind when you are on the go. It is designed to make your driving pleasure with the highest level of security.


These features include Parking Assist and Driving Assist. It helps drivers by automatically braking if there is a potential collision alert, or when you back out from your parking spot. Each Kia model has a specific set of Drive Wise features compatible with the respective Kia variant.  






With electric vehicles taking the future roads, Kia has launched its EV6 which is here to make electric cars a common reality. The vehicle is open for booking and was unveiled globally in March 2021. This all-electric car is the future of the auto industry with its eye-catching and nature-inspired design.


Whether someone prefers more range, more power, or just downright driving thrill, Kia EV6 is the perfect car for them. This car is all-electric but it only takes 20 minutes to fully charge with a total output of 300- mile range on a single charge. And it is not just the mileage but the speed that will definitely throw passengers in the back seat with zero-to-60 mph in less than 5 seconds beating the Porsche Cayenne Coupe.


Kia EV6 is designed for more with an Augmented Reality Head-up Display, Virtual Valet, driver-centric cockpit, ambient lighting, and spaciousness of a 5-passenger crossover, you can now enjoy smart technology with smart driving.   



Your Safety Comes First



At Kia Motors, your safety is our top priority and we are here to ensure this at every turn. To live up to this promise, Kia Motors has installed dual airbags for front, side curtains, and second-row seating positions. All this to make sure you stay safe in case of any collision. Seatbelt pre-tensioners are also a strong feature in all Kia variants which keeps you firmly in one place in an anticipation of an impact and reduce the chance of any injury.


The added safety features include a Rear Child Safety Door Lock System, Hill Start Assist Control, Brake Assist System, Vehicle Stability System, and Traction Control System among many others.  


The Kia Pakistan vehicle lineup comes with these built-in safety features to protect drivers and occupants in every way possible so they may enjoy a comfortable drive in a fun way.   


With so much on offer in all these Kia variants, it is inevitable not to be in awe of these futuristic cars. All Kia variants are currently available at the Kia Motors Site dealership, ready for you to take home and enjoy the ride of your life, every single day. This is a Kia promise you can safely rely on.  


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