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Rust is the biggest threat to your car because it damages the body and leads to metal degeneration. With time, the metal pieces in car’s bodywork start falling apart making your vehicle look chipped and old. This is why you must keep the rust in check and take proactive measures to counter this problem as part of your car care routine. The recommended approach by Toyota, Honda, Suzuki, Hyundai, and Kia Motors is to get an undercoating service and maintain it with periodic car service checks. Now the question is what is undercoating and why one should get one? 



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The top of your vehicle gets most of your attention and care but the underbody is where the real mess occurs. From muddy puddles to rocky bumpy terrains, the underbody is constantly at risk from salt, gravel, and moisture. These substances are the real reason behind corrosion and rust buildup. But you can escape this situation by opting for a vehicle undercoating at Kia service center. Undercoating is covering the underbody of your car with a protective layer that will guard the vehicle against detrimental rust and corrosion in the years to come. 



Types of Vehicle Undercoating



There are different types of undercoating available at a car repair shop depending on the coverage each type provides. They are classified as under: 


1. Rubberized Undercoating


This type of undercoating protects car’s undercarriage surface from rust, dings, dents, moisture, and corrosion. It is easily available at an auto shop and dries with a soft rubbery finish. It can be applied to vehicle quarter panels and wheel wells to provide lasting coverage. 


2. Asphalt-based Undercoating  


This type of undercoating provides maximum coverage which results in a higher level of protection. It is suitable for large trucks, recreational vehicles (RVs), and heavy machinery and can be easily availed at an auto repair shop. It contains bits of rubberized material to reduce cabin noise. This is unpaintable and therefore, can only be used for undercarriages. 


3. Polyurethane Undercoating


This type of undercoating covers and seals cracks and junctions and is provided at all car maintenance centers. The compound guards the metal against salt and moisture and prevents rust from building up. But before undercoating the vehicle, it needs surface cleaning first like a car wash, degreasing, etching primer, etc. It is available in canisters that can be loaded in application guns to undercoat the vehicle easily. 


4. Wax or Paraffin-Based Undercoating


This type of undercoating is the cheapest and the quickest car detail option available at a car repair shop. The downside of this is it doesn't last long and you might need another visit to the Kia service center for another round of undercoating service. Since wax is not a good adhesive for metal surfaces of vehicles, this makes it a less desirable option for car owners. The bright side of this option is it covers cracks and seams easily and provides moderate coverage against rust and corrosion.  



Considerations before Getting an Undercoating Service 



1. Utility:


The undercoating service should be long-lasting and must be able to prevent rust and corrosion on all metal surfaces. It should have a quick drying time and should be paintable to match the aesthetic of a vehicle. It should also reduce noise for smooth drive time.  


2. Coverage: 


The undercoating spray must overlay cracks, openings, holes, and irregular surfaces. This will allow the vehicle to maintain an even protection layer and look more appealing. 



Why Get an Undercoating Service?



Keeping your Kia cars in good shape is your responsibility but it can get tricky once rust starts to spread and eat away the metal like cancer. At Kia Pakistan, we recommend getting undercoating service before the onset of rust and corrosion. Because covering rust is not worth the effort as it will eventually tear down the metal even if you spray your vehicle with a coating material. 


So whether you own Kia Picanto, Kia Stonic, Kia Sportage, Kia Sorento, Kia Carnival, or any other variant from Toyota, Suzuki, or Honda, you will always find undercoating service as one of the most important services. So next time you book a wheel alignment or any other car service, don’t forget to get an undercoating service as well. 


Here are the top reasons you should get an undercoating service for your car. 

1. Reduce Interior Noise 


Sound pollution can be quite distracting and irritating when you are driving around. The undercoating service can save you trouble by minimizing cabin noise and creating a barrier against the sound. The interior gets quieter after the service with many drivers claiming to have lower audio levels inside their cars. 


2. All-terrain Protection


Your car underbody experiences the road firsthand and therefore, is more prone to damage. Undercoating act as a protection layer between the car and the road. No matter what road you take, bumpy, muddy, rocky, slimy, your vehicle is always covered and becomes rustproof after getting an undercoating service from a professional service shop. 


3. More Value to Your Vehicle


A good undercoating service extends the life of your car by keeping it as good as new. As rust is not only affecting the metal body but anything that has metal in it, including wires, cables even transmission and engine as well. The undercoating service is a must to maintain a good resale value of the car. 



How to Undercoat Your Car?



You may either get a professional service from Kia Motors Site or get it done from a car mechanic nearby. The materials that are used for undercoating are: 


  1. Hydraulic jack & car blocks
  2. Degreaser agent
  3. Grinder
  4. Sandpaper
  5. Fiber towel
  6. Primer and paint
  7. Paintbrush
  8. Undercoating solution 


Step#1: Cleaning the Underbody of Your Vehicle


The first step is to clean the undercarriage of your car and remove the dirt and grime that has stuck in every nook and corner. Make sure that you perform undercoating service in a ventilated room as paint can cause difficulty in breathing. Use a degreaser to clean the underbody of the vehicle and use a grinder to remove rust spots. After removing the rust, it's time to remove the dust with metal sandpaper. 


Step#2: Priming and Painting 


After removing the rust and dust, apply the primer. This will allow the undercoating to last longer. Once it dries, cover the underside with black paint and allow it to dry. 


Step#3: Undercoat Your Vehicle 


Apply the undercoating generously to every part of your car’s underbody and wait for it to dry. Apply the second coat and then leave it to dry overnight. After undercoating has dried completely, your vehicle is all set for the next drive. 



How Long Will Undercoating Last? 



A good undercoating done by a professional Kia auto shop lasts for about three to four months. But it depends on two major factors; the environment a vehicle is exposed to and the usage. If a car is parked most of the time then the undercoating will last more than a year. The more your car is exposed to different terrains, the more frequently it will require undercoating service. Furthermore, periodic car inspections will also ensure that your car’s undercoating is well maintained and when it requires another coat. 



Undercoating Tip for Best Results 



Whether you drive a small car, crown car, or Kia SUV, your vehicle will require undercoating service. For best coverage and result, check-in for a periodic undercoating service every year at Kia Motors Site where our skilled car mechanics are trained to provide you with the best car services. The periodic undercoating will provide your car with lasting protection in all seasons. After every new layer applied, the undercarriage will become rustproof and you can drive with much ease without worrying or compromising the vehicle's durability. 




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