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We all want our drives to look their best (special reference to gearheads who maintain their cars like a pet). It’s good when you are a pro in car detailing yourself but what about people who are new car owners or don't know much about car maintenance (Hint: New women drivers, no offense but true). Maintaining your car requires time and energy and since most of us are caught up in our schedules, car detailing takes the back seat and only comes up when it becomes inevitable. 



For starters, you may opt for a quarterly visit to your roadside car mechanic, or you can choose an authorized service center for your car maintenance. This is why Kia Lucky Motors has authorized Kia dealerships in every country so you can drive hassle-free. Whether you own a Kia car like Kia Sportage, Kia Stonic, Kia Sorento, Kia Carnival, or a car from another automobile company like Toyota, Honda, Suzuki, Hyundai, Peugeot, DFSK, Haval, etc. you may always check in at Kia Service Center for all your car care services. 



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To enhance your car’s outlook and make it stand out, car rubbing polish service is your best bet. Normal car washing might not get you the desired result but when you choose rubbing polish service, you will get the pristine glow that you are looking for. 



Why should you choose Rubbing Polish Service? 



Your car is prone to many hazards including the wavering weather conditions that damage the outer surface. You might see scratches, dull paintwork, color fading, or dirt buildup which affects the top coat of your car. All this dampens the car’s exterior making it look less appealing and at times completely outdated. With the help of a rubbing polish service, your car will get back to its original shine. Rubbing polish also help in removing the road contamination that is the by-product of metal degeneration or road tar that sticks with the car paint. Rubbing polish service restores your car's look by cleaning these impurities from the top paint coat.   



Benefits of Rubbing Polish Service



Rubbing polish your car will extend the life of your car’s exterior if done properly. It revives the exterior with perfect finesse and also covers up the paint defects over time. People often forget this step in car care but once you get a rubbing polish service, it will completely revitalize your car’s exterior. Here are a few of the many reasons to choose rubbing polish services as part of your car care regime. 



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1. Car rubbing polish correct paint defects that your car experience with time. 

2. It reduces the risk of rust and corrosion on the exterior of your car.

3. It makes your car dry faster as water evaporates quickly and won't reside on the surface.  

4. Rubbing polish bring out the shine that the usual sponge wash is unable to do so.

5. It protects against paint fading caused by high exposure to heat and sun. 

6. It enhances car color in the long run and makes your car look as good as new. 



Rubbing Polish Service at Kia Motors Site  



Once you check in for rubbing polish service at Kia Motors Site, your car will be washed thoroughly to remove all the remnants of the road trips that you had earlier. The surface is then scrubbed with a rubbing compound that smoothens the exterior layer removing all the oxidants. Then Kia Motors service team will apply polishing compounds to get the shiny sheen coat. For this step, a hand polishing machine is used to get an even shine. Kia Pakistan highly recommends maintaining your car outlook with a frequent rubbing polish service which you can book any time by contacting our Kia Service Center at Kia Motors Site, one of the top 3S Kia Dealership in Karachi. You may choose from our wide range of car repair, maintenance, and genuine parts that are readily accessible in a few clicks. Our certified staff will be happy to assist you and is also available to pick up and drop off your vehicle for service.



In conclusion, even if you regularly wash your car once every 2-3 weeks, you will still be needing rubbing polish service. Including brand new cars as they are also exposed to contaminants from the environment and need to be professionally serviced for eliminating all the stubborn surface build-up to get the glossy finish. This is Kia Motors Pakistan promise to make your car maintenance journey as smooth as possible so you can drive off to any destination with complete peace of mind. 



Check out our award-winning lineup of Kia cars and book yours today! 



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