Why do you need Periodic Maintenance for your vehicle?



What is Periodic Maintenance? 



Caring for your vehicle and maintaining it properly requires a bit of effort but pays off many folds in the years ahead. This is where periodic maintenance steps in and safe the day (in this case, your car). Periodic maintenance includes a checklist of inspections that your car may require after every 5,000 km. It’s simple maths if you maintain your car the way you are supposed to, your car will return the investment in the form of optimal performance, no breakdown in the middle of nowhere, and a smooth driving experience on all terrains and under all weather conditions.  


If you are not a pro at car detailing, you may either call a car service station nearby or you can opt to have your car inspected and maintained at an authorized car dealership. The biggest challenge you may encounter is finding a reliable car mechanic who understands your vehicle and will take care of your car like its own. If you own a Kia Stonic, Kia Picanto, Kia Sorento, Kia Sportage, Kia Carnival, or any other Kia car you may always book your service at Kia Motors Site service center and enjoy the most convenient car maintenance from our Kia dealership. 



Periodic Maintenance Checklist 



Periodic maintenance is like a health check for your vehicle. If you are a Kia car owner or are going to purchase a Kia from Kia lucky Motors dealerships, you can avail first two periodic services for free after 1,000 Km and 5,000 Km respectively. After that, you may check-in for your Kia maintenance at every 5,000 Km intervals, in case you miss your periodic check, your 4 years/1,00,000 Km Kia warranty may get compromised and could hamper you from making the most of your warranty coverage plan. Here is a list of checks that should be on your car maintenance regime. Make sure to follow your vehicle’s service interval records and maintenance history to make the right decision for your car and keep the valuable Kia warranty intact. 


  1. Oil and coolant level check-up
  2. Air filter check-up
  3. Tire pressure check-up 
  4. Oil and oil filter check-up
  5. AC filter check-up
  6. Car interior cleaning
  7. Full car wash
  8. Car wax and rubbing polish inspection
  9. Shock and strut inspection 
  10. Transmission fluid check-up
  11. Transfer case fluid check-up
  12. Serpentine belt check-up
  13. Coolant fluid exchange
  14. General wear and tear check-up
  15. Rust and corrosion check-up 
  16. Electrical Diagnosis 
  17. Undercoating inspection
  18. Tire rotation 
  19. Braking system check-up 
  20. Vehicle battery check-up
  21. Ignition system check-up
  22. Exhaust system check-up 
  23. Wheel alignment and wheel balancing inspection 
  24. Engine drive belt check-up 
  25. Suspension system check 
  26. Body paint inspection



In addition, you may need a close check on the following car care essentials to ensure that all parts are working as they are designed to and your drive time remains hassle-free at all times. Here is what you can do to maintain the optimum functionality of your car.






Benefits of choosing Periodic Maintenance for your vehicle




For better vehicle upkeep it's best to know the benefits that you could drive out from periodic maintenance and how this could impact your car and your car care budget. Since everyone is not a car mechanical whiz, this will immensely cut down car repair costs that you might incur down the road. Listed below are the upswings that you encounter when you choose periodic maintenance for your vehicle.  


1.  Increased vehicle life 


When all your car issues are dealt with timely under periodic maintenance, you will not feel the need of replacing your car for an extended period. The maintenance will exceptionally increase your vehicle’s life and ensure smooth running over a long period. 


2.  Upgrade your road safety


Periodic maintenance keeps all your security protocols active in case you might need one while driving. This not only protects the car but the occupants as well from any serious damage that may arise out of failed security gears. 


3.  Improved fuel efficiency 


Your car starts lagging if you don’t keep a check on maintenance since components like the engine, brake, transmission, etc. require oil changes frequently. With a clean and lubricated system, you can save more on fuel costs, and increase your car’s fuel efficiency to a great extent.   


4.  High resale value for your vehicle


Car owners are always looking for ways to keep their car value intact or in a high range so that whenever they make the switch, they will get the maximum value. Periodic maintenance makes it easy for your car to stay in the best condition and increases buyer’s trust which will allow you to get the high resale value that you are looking for. So every time you pay for maintenance, you are investing in a higher resale value for your car. 


5.  Low car repair cost 


Periodic Maintenance is the best way to be proactive than being reactive to car troubles. Since you are taking care of your car periodically, any underlying issue that has the potential to damage the vehicle will be addressed before it becomes a full-fledged problem. This leads to lower car repair costs that you might have paid in case of an actual loss. 


6.  Boost vehicle’s performance 


If one part is damaged or worn out, it will impact the performance of your entire vehicle. Periodic maintenance ensures that all vehicle components are in perfect working condition so together they can perform their best, boosting the car’s overall efficiency. 






Since cars are designed to perform at a certain capacity and only the car manufacturers know how to make your car perform at its best. Kia Pakistan highly recommends maintaining a periodic check on your Kia vehicle and choosing only Kia Service Centers for all your car care needs. All genuine auto parts and car services are available at Kia dealerships, you may book your service over a call, let the service representative team know about the car model, mileage, and your preferred time for service, and voila! Your service is booked. You may also choose to have your vehicle picked up for service and dropped off later at your doorstep. Easy, isn't it?  


Book Periodic Maintenance for your car


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