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If you are planning to give your car’s interior a fresh new feel, you have landed in the right space. It doesn't matter if you are a pro in car interior cleaning or have recently joined the brigade, what you are about to read is only meant to help you out with your car maintenance. Since car detailing is not an easy feat (especially when you haven't done it for a while). It is time-consuming, tiring, and requires a lot of professionalism if you are doing it on your own. It is better to let a professional like Kia Service Team take care of your car interior cleaning since Kia Pakistan offers car care services that will not only renew your car’s inside but will also be easy on your pocket. 


Whether you own Kia Sportage, Kia Stonic, Kia Picanto, Kia Sorento, Kia Carnival, or any other car, you will always get impeccable car maintenance at Kia Service Center. Here is how Kia Motors Site maintains your car’s interior with the best quality car interior cleaning products serviced by professional Kia’s certified service team.



How Kia Service Center offers the best car detailing service?  



The first step in rejuvenating your car’s interior, Kia Service Team prepares your car. For this, we recommend removing any trash or other items that you might term “junk” but are persistent in carrying around. This gives a clear idea of which spaces need attention the most and helps clean more thoroughly. Also, it will end your temptation to carry extra stuff with you in the future that you knew you will never need while driving. 


To clear more space so that we can jump straight to vacuuming crevices or wiping surfaces down, the service team removes car seats for better car cleaning. Once the space is cleared out, now the real job begins!



Car Interior Cleaning- Let’s get started  


When you know where to start, the car cleaning service gets all the more easier. Kia Service Team follows a scrupulous step-by-step process for car detailing so that the moment you step inside your car, you will instantly feel the difference. All the nooks and crannies are cleansed in-depth for a pristine finish which reflects the care that went into renewing your car’s interior.  Whether you drive Kia cars or any other vehicle, your car will get the same care and attention in our Kia Service Center. 


Step 1: Remove car floor mats


The dirtiest of all car spaces is the foot space so Kia Service Team first removes all the floor mats, wash them, and leaves them to dry. The carpeted area is then scrubbed with carpet cleaner to remove stains. The rubber floor mats are washed with a hose to get rid of all the debris and dirt.  


Step 2: Vacuum it up


Now that the space is all cleared out, the Kia Service Team then vacuums the seats, upholstery, and crooked corners that are hard to reach. This is to ensure that no space is left out from the cleansing process. 


Step 3: Clean the door panels


After vacuuming, Kia Service Team moves on to the door panels and uses an all-purpose cleaner and automotive gel with a microfiber cleaning cloth to wipe off the doorjambs and door switches.     


Step 4: Clean the windows 


Kia Service Team then uses an ammonia-free window cleaner for a clear view from the inside. As ammonia can damage interior plastics. Also, extra care is taken to avoid all such materials that can leave lint or streak marks. 


Step 5: Clean hard vinyl 


In this step, the Service Team then cleanses the centre console, font dashboard, steering, gear knob, cluster, cup holders, and all the areas that are made up of vinyl. To ensure that all the stains are scrubbed off to get the perfect finish, soft cloth is used along with delicate brushes to clean the hard-to-reach areas (like ac filter vent, air filter vent etc.) and spaces. 


Step 6: Clean car seats 


Kia Service Team has different processes for cleaning leather seats and fabric seats as the material for both vary. Leather seats are relatively easier to clean as the fabric requires a mild cleaning agent whereas fabric seats need rigorous brush scrubbing to wash away those long dried blotches. All seats along with seat belts are wiped, washed, and dried from top to bottom for the best results.     


Step 7: Remove odor 


To make your car smell as good as new, Kia Service Team then uses eco-friendly car care products that will not only revive your car’s interior but also freshen up the scent. The odor is caused by contaminants and bacteria but after the way Kia services your car, the anti-bacterial fluids will wipe off all the germs and make your car smell its best.



Top tips for maintaining car cleaning services for long 



1- Do not leave your car under the sun for long


All cleansing products have agents that might react to direct sun. Take our recommendation and stay out of excessive sun exposure and save your car’s interior from possible damage. 


2- Keep a car bin 


To make sure that your car interior stays fresh for long, keep it tidy and throw away all your junk and trash in a “car bin”. This way there would be no spillage or leftover smell to haunt you for the rest of the drive time.  



Maintaining a car requires efforts and just like your car’s exterior require frequent car wash to shine from the outside, frequent car interior cleaning will make it shine from the inside as well. To ease this up for you Kia Motors Site is here to help you with your car cleaning. No matter which service your car requires, Kia Pakistan makes it a priority that you get the best car maintenance experience that will make you keep coming back for more. Book your car service today and enjoy massive discounts on all car detailing services. You may also check in for a test drive of the top-of-the-line Kia cars. This is how Kia cares for its car owners because this is what Kia dealerships and Kia Service Centers are designed for; to provide the best Kia cars with the best after-sales service for everyone.     


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