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If you find yourself reminiscing about how dazzling your car looked the first time you drove it that means it is time to reconsider your car’s paint job. Instead of missing the new car outlook, give your car a professional body and paint service. Before you jump right into the nitty gritty of how body and paint service works, it's better to know when you should opt for body and paint service for your car. This will give you a heads-up as to when you need to check in for the paint job for your vehicle. 


Your car weathers all kinds of terrains and turfs to take you to your destinations but it requires consistent care and investment in order to function and look the best it can. With time car’s paint starts fading and dulls down the lustrous shine that it came with. This is due to constant sun exposure, dust, debris, pollutants, altering weather conditions, accidents, and various environmental factors. If you are a Kia car owner, you will get to enjoy body and paint service under Kia’s warranty plan. 



When to choose body and paint service for your car?



Your car faces all the burns (by burns I mean scratches, bird droppings, key marks, accident marks, etc.) which lead to the gradual color waning and damage. With body and paint service you can add a new touch to the top coat of your car to renew the look.  Gearheads who take care of their cars with periodic maintenance and routine washing may also need body and paint service as the weather exposure will still impact the color coat of the car. Take a look at some of the signs that should alert you that it's time to book your car’s body and paint service.    



Sign # 1. Your car color starts fading



With your car shielding you against all the hazards of the road and seasons, the outer surface of the car is affected by extreme weather and environmental conditions. This takes up a toll on the car paint and accelerates the process of color dimming and no matter how much you take care of your drive, it is inevitable to stop color recession with time.  



Sign # 2. Onset of Rust 



When you see rust building up then it's a clear indicator that your car paint job is not intact anymore and needs a touch-up to defend against your car’s worst enemy- that is rust. Since rust starts accumulating on moist surfaces and if left unchecked it can lead to paint chipping and holes in the car’s metal body. This issue can be avoided by getting a body and paint service or anti-rust products to avoid rust damage later on. 



Sign # 3. Paint Damage 



The color of your car is also prone to key marks, scratches, or any other paint defilement that comes with being on the road. This may damage the clear coat of the car paint and will compromise the outlook of your vehicle. If you see engraved lines and marks on your vehicle you know it's time to visit the body and paint service center.



Sign # 4: When you get into an accident



Your car shares the bitter side with you in case of any accident, the damaged car makes the paint flaky and chips away from the corners of the affected surface (the condition may vary depending on the intensity of the accident). In either case, your car will be needing a fresh paint job in order to gain back its original look.   



Car body paint- Process Explained



The car paint process is an intricate one and therefore, should only be trusted with a professional, after all, it's not every day that you are going to paint your vehicle. It starts with preparing the surface and all the way to applying the final paint coat. Here is how Kia service center paints the car body to ensure a rust-free drive.  


Step # 1: The very first step to painting your vehicle's body is to clear the surface from all dirt and chipped paint patchwork. Kia service team removes the paint with sandpaper so that the reapplied paint gets a strong and even grip on the body.  


Step # 2: The body is then primed to add a layer of durability to the paint. This acts as a line of defense for the vehicle by protecting it from rust, corrosion, and damaging UV rays. 


Step # 3: Kia service team then applies the first coat also known as the base coat of paint and lets it dry. This coat could be either metallic paint or pearlescent depending on the color of the vehicle


Step # 4: The final car paint coat also known as the clear coat is then applied to give a nice clear finish and protect the layers of paint underneath. 



Types of car paint 



When you visit Kia service center for body and paint service it is better to know which type of paint your car is coated with. Depending on the make and color of your vehicle you may choose from the following types of body paint. 


  1. Acrylic enamel 
  2. Acrylic liquor 
  3. Water-based
  4. Urethane



How car paint protects your vehicle?



If you want to make your drive look brand new then an auto body paint job is your best bet. But to get the best results, you need to choose a professional to take care of this service. Since Kia Motors Pakistan is offering this service at all authorized Kia dealerships across Pakistan, you can book your appointment at Kia Motors Site and get the best car maintenance for your vehicles. For all auto brands, the car paint colors vary and this is the reason not every service center is going to provide you with the immaculate paint finish that you want. Here is why you should choose Kia Motors for the perfect paint job.   


1. Maintain vehicle value 


With body and paint service your vehicle stays in mint condition which pays off whenever you want to sell off your vehicle. Take this as an investment in your drive, but in order to ensure that it actually adds more value to the vehicle. 


2. Act as a rust control 


When your car’s body paint starts chipping away, it allows the moisture to sweep in and become the camping ground for rust and corrosion. With body paint service your car is shielded from rust buildup, wear, and tear that is innate with weather and driving conditions.  



Maintaining your drive is your responsibility, it may not be your forte and this is the reason Kia is ready to help you with your car care. Kia Lucky Motors not only provides the best maintenance care for your vehicles be it Kia Sorento, Kia Stonic, Kia Sportage, Kia Picanto, or any other Kia car but genuine auto parts as well. Since Kia Motors have specified Kia service center in every city, you can book your car’s body and paint service from Kia Motors Site service center. The products used are all genuine and tested for quality and durability. For you to avail any car service, simply contact Kia Motors Karachi and the service team will promptly assist you with your car repair and maintenance.    


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