How to know when your car requires Wheel Balancing Service?

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When it comes to car care we are always trying to put it off until there is a major overhaul. This practice might seem cost-efficient but does the opposite for your car. Thinking that holding off on car maintenance will save you money but in the long run, it is only costing you extra car repair costs that you could have avoided if only you heeded the early signs of car issues. One such service is the wheel balancing service. The tires of your vehicle keep you moving but if they are not balanced right then you might face an array of issues that will keep you from having a smooth drive time. 


Wheels that are balanced ensure an even grip on the road and are essential in maintaining road safety. Since the weight of the vehicle is evenly distributed across all car tires, you will enjoy a more steady driving experience. So the next time you are treading on a rough track, make sure to lower your driving speed and avoid potholes and craggy surfaces to maintain balanced wheels.  



When does your car need Wheel Balancing Service? 



Now the question is what are the tell-tale signs of unbalanced wheels to give you a heads-up before you run into costly car trouble? Here is a list of a few symptoms that are enough to alert you to a much-needed wheel balancing service.    


1. Car vibrations

A quick way to gauge your car’s wheel balance is to check for vibrations while driving. When you drive above the speed of 50- 55 mph and your car’s steering wheel starts vibrating it means that you need to check in for wheel balancing service. The reason behind this vibration is the uneven distribution of weight across the wheels. If a wheel is out of balance, it will lead to uneven rotation of the wheel causing vibrations while driving.        


2. Poor fuel average 


When the car’s wheels are out of balance they will move unevenly which will require more power from the engine. This will place undue pressure on the car leading to high fuel consumption. 


3. Problem while steering 


Since the car tires will be bearing weights irregularly, this will impact the steering wheel function immensely. This can be easily felt when you try to steer your drive in a particular direction and will make the steering controls a bit rigid to manage. 


4. Impact on the wheel bearing 


Wheel bearings play an integral role in wheel rotation by minimizing friction. Unbalanced wheels will exert unnecessary pressure on wheel bearings resulting in loud noise while driving at high speed. This will not only damage the car tires but also the wheel bearings in the long run. 


5. Effect on shock absorbers  


The car’s suspension system is responsible for maintaining a smooth drive over all kinds of terrain. With unbalanced wheels, shock absorbers will not function the way they are designed to and will eventually lead to a rough bumpy drive.  



Is Wheel Alignment Service different from Wheel Balancing Service?



Wheel alignment and wheel balancing might seem alike but are performed for different reasons altogether. Both are inherent to maintaining sound wheels and are essential if you want to enjoy a safe smooth drive. 


Wheel alignment is required when your car’s suspension system is differentially inclined causing the car tires to wear off quickly whereas, wheel balancing is required to adjust the weights of the wheel so that load is uniformly distributed on every wheel.  



Benefits of Wheel Balancing Service



If you want to save your car tires from early retirement and want to enjoy an unruffled drive on every road then take wheel balancing as your vehicle savior. The benefits that come with it are not only convenient for you but for your drive as well in the long haul. Here is what you can enjoy with wheel balancing service from Kia Motors Pakistan.


  1. Wheel balancing service will improve vehicle equilibrium as the weight will be evenly distributed.
  2. It will decrease the vibration while driving especially at high speeds.
  3. It will provide a steady and firm steering wheel control for you to steer.
  4. It will extend the tire life so you can save on costly car tire replacement.
  5. It will allow you to enjoy an effortless driving experience.  



What is the cost of a Wheel Balancing Service? 



The cost of wheel balancing service may vary depending on the extent of the damaged wheel. If you are a Kia car owner (Kia Sorento, Kia Sportage, Kia Stonic, Kia Picanto, Kia Carnival, etc.) you may check in any of the authorized Kia service centers and have your car’s wheels inspected. At Kia Motors Site, the service team is trained to provide impeccable car care befitting for all budgets and driving machines. 


To get a quick quote for your car’s wheel balancing service simply contact Kia Motors and let Kia certified advisors assist you in making the right decision for your drive.   


Whether you like to drive slowly or at high speeds, it's inevitable to reduce the impact of rugged tracks on your tires. To ensure that your drive glides trouble-free on all lanes Kia Pakistan recommends getting your wheels inspected every 5000 km to avoid any unexpected car repair. Kia service team is skilled to provide the best maintenance service for all Kia cars. Next time your drive feels shaky, head straight to Kia Lucky Motors service center and the specialized team will take care of your car without any hassle.   


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