Kia Stonic vs MG ZS


Long gone are the days when to upgrade your car you would wait for the next feature update. If you are planning to buy a new car or upgrade to a new one, you now have plenty of options available. With international brands like Kia and MG (Morris Garages), you can now choose a car that fits your mood and style. Since more gearheads are now moving to compact SUVs than sedans, Kia Stonic and MG ZS are all the rage these days. Both Kia Pakistan and MG Pakistan are relatively new as compared to their counterparts like Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, Suzuki, etc. and have gained much traction in the auto industry with their trailblazing features and modern aesthetics. 


MG ZS is currently available in two trims MG ZS and MG ZS EV. You may choose your MG in pearl white, pearl black, crimson red, and surfing blue. Kia Stonic is currently available in two trims as well; Stonic EX and Stonic EX plus. Color options available in Kia Stonic are clear white, sparkling silver, cherry black, panthera metal, sporty blue, and mercury blue. 



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Both MG ZS and Kia Stonic offer modernistic driving controls to make your road time as smooth as it can get. But when it comes to choosing between the two, one may get a bit puzzled as to which gives the best value for money. To make your job a little easier, here is a side-by-side comparison of Kia Stonic and MG ZS for you to have your pick. 



Kia Stonic vs. MG ZS- Performance that’s exuberant in every way



MG ZS and Kia Stonic both are designed with strapping athletic engines to perform with absolute agility and finesse. Kia Stonic sports a 1.4L MPI 1368 cc engine, generating a maximum output of 100/6000 ps/rpm and a torque of 13.6/4000 kgm/rpm with a 6-speed automatic transmission. MG ZS on the other hand is powered by a 1.5L VTi 1500cc engine, lashing out 113 hp and a torque of 150 Nm with a 4-speed automatic transmission. 


As sporty as it sounds, Kia Stonic leaves behind MG ZS with a whopping 220 Km/hr as its top speed compared to the MG’s 150Km/hr. With a power drive like Kia Stonic, your everyday urban tour will get all the more exciting and inspiring.      



Kia Stonic vs. MG ZS- Packed with Safety 



Both Kia Stonic and MG ZS are equipped with plenty of safety features to get you through any season with ease. Kia Stonic comes with safety gears like airbags, vehicle management system, anti-lock braking system, hill-start assist control, automatic immobilizer and ISO fix child anchors. MS ZS is not behind in safety controls either, features like airbags, electric stability program, tyre pressure monitoring system, hill-launch assist, and door ajar warning system are part of the safety kit in MG ZS. So whether you go with Stonic or MG ZS, you can always drive with security and much-needed peace of mind.



Kia Stonic vs. MG ZS- Resplendent Cabin Space



The interior of MG ZS and Kia Stonic is tastefully curated to look and feel the best from every angle. Kia Stonic cabin space is engulfed in premium fabric with two-tone yellow package for a more vibrant ambiance. The front dashboard is furnished with tilt and telescopic steering and an 8-inch infotainment system that hosts Android Auto and Apple Car Play for all your entertainment cravings. On the other hand, MG ZS interior is wrapped in leather seating and steering with a 10- inch infotainment system to get you in the groove for your journey ahead. In addition, there is a 60: 40 split seating option in both cars to give you all the space you need while driving.   



Kia Stonic vs. MG ZS- Sensual Exterior 



The exterior of Kia Stonic and MG ZS speaks for itself and is alluring enough to pull you straight in with its captivating design curves. Kia Stonic flaunts the signature “tiger nose” grille in piano black. The front bi-function projection headlights along with the LED daytime running lamps add more zest to the already sporty Stonic outlook. MG ZS swanks the signature “infinity” grille that stands out among the big pack of SUV brands currently available. The front bumper has “London eye” LED DRLs along with a follow me home light function that will guide you back no matter wherever you are. Both Kia Stonic and MG ZS come with sunroof and roof rails to make your journey filled with light, stars, picturesque scenes, and happy travel memories.   



Kia Stonic vs. MG ZS- Comfort with a class 



When you take the wheels of Kia Stonic or MG ZS, you will instantly sense the comfort these drives offer. Regardless of the journey, you can always rely on Kia Stonic with cruise control, park assist sensors, and speed limit assist. MG ZS also offers park assist sensors, cruise control, and speed-sensitive power steering to make your drive time a perfect combination of comfort embedded in class.



Kia Stonic Price vs. MG ZS price in Pakistan 



MG car price in Pakistan is almost the same as Kia, since all MG cars fall in the SUV category so you will always find these two neck to neck in most variants. Kia Stonic price in Pakistan ranges from Rs. 4,545,000 to 4,848,000 as per the recent press release of Kia Stonic price issued by Kia Pakistan. MG ZS is currently priced at Rs. 4,399,000 whereas, MG ZS EV is priced at Rs. 6,850,000. 



Kia Pakistan Price List 2022



For quick run with your Kia Stonic, you may visit Kia Motors Site to get free test drive and book your Stonic right away. You may also choose from our award winning line-up of Kia Sorento, Kia Sportage, and Kia Carnival to experience the power of Kia yourself. Kia dealerships are also equipped with Kia Service Center that specializes in taking care of your Kia and offers genuine Kia parts along with warranty repair, maintenance, and car care services so you can drive hassle-free anywhere anytime and enjoy a pleasant road time from start to finish.



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