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Kia Motors is one of the leading manufacturer in the automobile industry and has raked many positive reviews and commendations from the general public for its awe-inspiring design, powerfully crafted engine, luxurious engulfed interiors, and the signature ”tiger-nose grille”. But the futuristic ostentation is not just limited to the exterior, it seeps into the interior as well. The award-winning line-up of Kia cars is decked with some of the most neoteric and modish infotainment features that are designed to keep you engaged in an immersive driving experience.  


Whenever you step into the cabin space of any Kia be it Kia Stonic, Kia Sorento, Kia Picanto, Kia Sportage, or Kia Carnival, get ready to be mesmerized by the tech-infused front deck that will wow you at every spin and turn. The controls are ergonomically placed for easy reach and connectivity. Kia Motors offers a customized connectivity suit by the name “Kia Connect” that allows you to sync your device with the car via your Kia account which is unique for all Kia cars. Since Kia features vary for each region, Kia Pakistan is not currently offering Kia connect suit.



Why Kia Infotainment System is Strikingly Remarkable? 



Before any Kia car is launched, it goes through meticulous and diligent testing from quality to aesthetic design. This is to ensure that every Kia car owner gets to experience the best drive time they ever had. Kia Lucky Motors is currently offering a range of connectivity controls for each Kia variant which differs with trim and model. With a spectacular line-up of Kia cars, you are in for a driving treat every single time. Here is what each Kia car has to offer with its infotainment systems. 




Kia infotainment system is precisely positioned to make it super easy and quick to use. The controls are visually uncomplicated and allow you to use them without any distraction while driving (Although, it is recommended to stop the vehicle first and then use it). The interface is user-friendly and easily syncs your phone with the infotainment screen. The menu structure provides an organized space for all your social apps and media for quick viewing. Since we know that size matters, Kia Sportage (AWD, FWD & Alpha), Kia Stonic (EX & EX Plus), and Kia Carnival (GLS, GLS Plus & Executive) flaunt an 8-inch infotainment system screen while Kia Sorento (2.4L FWD, 2.4L AWD & 3.5L FWD) sports a 7-inch screen. 




Whether you are an Android user or Apple, you may sync your phone with the infotainment dashboard and use the custom features under Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™. Access your phone’s home screen on the car screen and use your social apps, files, emails, contacts, maps, etc. on the go.   




This feature is truly a lifesaver especially when you are caught up in rush hours with eyes, ears, and (quite literally) brains on the road. You may activate Apple’s inbuilt virtual assistant using Apple CarPlay™ with the voice command “Wake up Siri” and direct Siri to make phone calls, text back a friend, turn on the radio, or whatever assistance you might need while driving. The same is the case with Android Auto™ where you can command your requests without leaving the steering wheel and enjoy an intuitive interface on your Kia’s digital display.




You will never get lost with the built-in navigation control system that keeps you on track and guides you whenever you make a wrong turn. You can also use your navigation apps from your phone like Google maps or Apple maps to find the best route to your destinations. Just like your app, all your destinations are stored for future reference and access. Navigation and mapping are simple and with voice commands, you are good to go anywhere you plan to. 




All Kia variants are Bluetooth® enabled and provide you with 24/7 connectivity for all your entertainment needs. Just simply connect your device with the infotainment dashboard via Bluetooth® and enjoy all your media at your fingertips.  




Kia infotainment system also offers a rear camera display to ease up your parking and adjust your Kia in tight urban spaces. The built-in park assist sensors in Kia Sportage, Kia Stonic, Kia Sorento, and Kia Carnival allow you to effortlessly reverse, park, or take a rear check in case a vehicle starts closing in. This helps the driver to stay aware of his surroundings and is an essential safety feature to assist you while you drive. 



To Sum It Up


Although major car brands like Toyota, Honda, MG, Peugeot, Haval, Hyundai, DFSK, Suzuki, etc. are competing to provide the best technology-driven vehicles but Kia has proven to be a more reliable option. Kia cars are packed with the latest technology, abundant remote safety, and convenience features which is a clear reflection of the brand slogan “Movement that inspires” (and it definitely does). Kia Motors believes that flexible drive time shouldn't be a premium feature but instead be made standard to keep you entertained and linked with your loved ones at all times. 


In case you face any glitches with your infotainment system, Kia Motors Site, Karachi is ready to assist you with all your car maintenance services to provide you with the best in car care. You can also shop for original Kia parts which are available at all Kia Motors Pakistan service centers. So check- in at Kia Motors Site, one of the top 3S Kia Karachi dealership, for a quick test drive of your favorite Kia car and experience the ingenious infotainment system features for yourself.          


Test Drive your Kia & experience the modish Infotainment System firsthand- Kia Pakistan





Q1: Does Kia Picanto has infotainment system?

No, currently Kia Picanto only offers a 9-inch LCD player (MP5 Touch screen) as an optional feature. 



Q2: Do all variants of Kia Sportage have infotainment system installed?

Yes, all variants of Kia Sportage (AWD, FWD & Alpha boasts an 8-inch infotainment system as a standard feature.



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