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If you enjoy being on the road and love to explore new destinations then the first prerequisite to having a pleasant driving experience (every single time) is getting your car the service it deserves. Since Kia promises to bring you the best mobility experience from the time of purchase till the time it's retired, you are always backed by class-leading maintenance services. 


To help you keep your Kia in top condition, Kia Motors Pakistan has authorized Kia dealerships all across Pakistan to provide you with tailored service packages and discounts to suit your car care needs. These services are designed to meet the maintenance requirements of your Kia based on specified mileage and years on road. To get you started in your car maintenance journey, Kia offers two free services which you can avail when it gets due. To make car care even more convenient for you, Kia Motors offers online service booking facility so you can enjoy a smooth and worry-free drive on all terrains.



Kia First Free Service



Being a car owner has many perks but it comes with its own set of responsibilities and If you are already a Kia car owner or are planning to buy a new Kia, you get to enjoy 4 years/ 1, 00,000 km warranty coverage under the best-in-class Kia warranty plan. You can enjoy several years of peace of mind only if you choose Kia services to maintain your Kia car. Now, if you are a loyal Kia customer and always choose Kia as your go-to service center then you can avail Kia's “First Free Service”. This service comes standard under Kia’s warranty plan and is designed to aid you on your vehicle maintenance journey. First free service gets due on your Kia when you have driven 1,000 km or after 45 days of your purchase, whatever tops first.


As the name suggests, the first free service is free of cost and is meant to take multi-point safety checks on your Kia. This ensures that all the main components of your Kia are well maintained so your road safety is never compromised. 



What to expect at your First Free Service?



All Kia cars (Kia Sorento, Kia Stonic, Kia Sportage, Kia Picanto, Kia Carnival, etc.) are registered at their respective dealerships from where they were initially bought by customers. The moment the first free service of a Kia car gets due, the service team informs the owner reminding them of their complementary service. The first free service is the start of your Kia’s periodic maintenance which includes services like car interior cleaning, body paint, wheel balancing, AC service, oil change service, wheel alignment service, car wax, and other car detailing services.


The customers can choose the service slot on their preferred day and time. At Kia Motors Site, you have the option to get your vehicle picked up and dropped off after service. Once your car enters the service bay area, the skilled team of technicians inspects your Kia for any damages or malfunctioning it might have. This car maintenance service also covers car wash, and oil change services along with oil filter, ac filter, and air filter service. After maintenance, the team then ensures that the vehicle is handed to its rightful owner in mint condition. As a customer, your only job is to keep your Kia warranty intact by abiding by the terms and conditions of the warranty plan. 


Tap the link to read all about Kia’s warranty plan



Benefits of First Free Service



Kia wants you to experience the power, class, and innovation of Kia cars whenever you get behind the steering wheel. If you want to unleash the optimum performance while driving, you can only get that when you maintain your car the way Kia recommends. Here is what you can enjoy when you choose Kia service center for all your car troubles.    


1. It's free:

You definitely wouldn’t want to miss a service that is free and complimentary from Kia as a gesture of care and reliability. 


2. Warranty coverage:

When you avail the first free service, your vehicle stays under warranty protection which means four years/1, 00,000 km of consistent maintenance and low running costs. 


3. Kia certified service team:

Your car’s first free service is carried out by the skilled service team who knows your Kia better than anyone so rest assured your car is always in the best hands.


4. Most convenient service option:

Kia service center offers premium maintenance and car repair services that are designed to save you the hassle of mundane car care expenses. To make you feel at ease, there is a separate lounge where you can sit back and relax as the service team revamps your drive.  


5. Genuine Kia parts:

Kia recommends using only genuine Kia parts as this will not only protect your warranty plan but also ensure occupants' safety. When you choose first free service at Kia Motors Site, all parts employed in maintenance are genuine which will improve your vehicle's overall value.     






Kia’s innovative technology combined with the modernistic designs makes Kia cars all the more alluring but Kia doesn't just stop there. To enhance your driving experience from the start, Kia service center renders services designed to maintain global Kia standards. The service team and the technicians are Kia-certified and are the best place to get your vehicle serviced with genuine auto parts.   


Kia services may vary by region but the aim of all services is one; to maintain your Kia like it's our own. Make sure you keep your maintenance history with Kia as this will not only keep your Kia performing its best but will also give you a high resale value in return. To provide you with the best car care at every service point, Kia Lucky Motors conducts periodic training for its technicians. The team uses the latest diagnostic equipment and technology to keep the quality at par with the global Kia standards. So whenever you purchase your next Kia, your first free service is on us (don't worry if you forget, our service team will call and remind you of the complimentary service treat). 


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