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There is nothing more refreshing than driving in the summer with a cool, air-conditioned cabin space. Your drive feels like a breeze through the winters and gives you all the chills that you need in the scorching heat. Well, this is not the case with every car owner (referring to the ones who put off their A/C service and only visit when there is a major car repair). Your car requires periodic maintenance and frequent inspection to perform at its optimum level but when the maintenance is overlooked, it shows up in car breakdown, high fuel consumption, inefficient driving, and so on (you know the drill yourself).



Kia designs the future of mobility which is vividly mirrored in all Kia cars; Kia Sorento, Kia Carnival, Kia Sportage, Kia Picanto, and Kia Stonic. With advanced SUV features like dual-zone climate control, you will instantly feel the difference in your energy when you get inside any Kia SUV. But to enjoy these comfort controls for long, Kia Motors recommend an A/C check-up as part of your car’s routine inspection. This will ensure that your drive stays cool and you get to carry your weather with you wherever you go.             



Since a car’s air conditioning system plays an integral role in maintaining the right cabin temperature, it is also responsible for improving the air quality inside your car by filtering out airborne bacteria, pollen, pollutants, and dust. With time, your car’s A/C fittings wear out resulting in A/C gas leakage turning your chill drive time into a not-so-cool one. If your car’s A/C system is not serviced for long, the refrigerant gas diminishes over time making your car’s A/C slack off. In order to keep your car’s A/C system work its best, Kia Motors Karachi offers car A/C service along with gas charging and repairs. 



When your car needs an AC service?



Now the question is how to determine whether it's time to schedule another car A/C service or not. Here are a few indicators that will give you a heads-up before you start sweating bullets inside your car. 


1. Hot or warm air coming out from car A/C vents


This is the easiest and simplest way to identify that your car's A/C needs a maintenance check. When your car is running low on A/C refrigerant then car A/C compressor will not reach the desired cooling temperature and eventually will not cool off the cabin space at all. If you feel that the air is getting warm or getting heated instead of cooling off, you better pick up that phone and book your car A/C service right away.  


2. Leaking car A/C refrigerant


Whenever you notice wet spots around car A/C welds or anywhere near the A/C lines, this means you have a leaking A/C refrigerant which will eventually run out. Before it comes to that heated situation, check-in for a car A/C inspection near you. 


3. Disengaged A/C clutch


When your car’s A/C has too high or too low refrigerant levels, it will not allow the car A/C compressor clutch to engage. This compressor clutch relies on the pressure of the refrigerant system and sounds like a slight click whenever you turn on the car A/C. This is also a clear indicator that whether your car is in need of quick A/C maintenance service or not. 


4. Foul odor coming out from vents


Your car’s A/C is designed to filter out bacteria and airborne pollutants from the cabin air but if you see the opposite of it like a strange odor or smell then it's time to head to your nearest Kia service center for A/C service.    



How Kia services your car’s air conditioning system? 



Now you must be wondering how Kia service team cleans your car’s A/C so you can enjoy an easy breezy drive every time. It’s frankly not that complicated since all our technicians are Kia certified and are trained to professionally service your car’s A/C. Here is the breakdown of A/C repair service that will not only make your car more fuel efficient but also keep you cool no matter where you plan to drive off too.   


Step#1: Dismantle the system 


The very first step in car A/C repair and maintenance is to take the parts apart so that the service team will have access to the entire system and will be able to clean all the dirt and debris meticulously. This will also allow them to clean hard-to-reach areas that might have accumulated dirt over the years for a spotless finish.    


Step#2: Clean the parts


The service team then cleans the parts with aerosol air conditioning so that all the debris will come off easily from A/C parts. Then each part is wiped down individually with a fiber cloth so that no layer of cleaning agents will be left on the surface. 


Step#3: Check for leakage


Since there are air ducts that are connected directly to the evaporator, a thorough inspection is essential to find out if there is any leakage in the car A/C system. The service team then patches or replaces the ducts so that the refrigerant gas will flow freely through the pipes without escaping through openings.  


Step#4: Replace the Accumulator 


The car A/C accumulator act as the filter to remove moisture and contaminants from the refrigerant. It is located on the low-pressure side of the refrigerant system to pass the vapors into the compressor. This filtration system gets clogged and needs replacement. Make sure you choose only genuine Kia parts for your Kia or the one that matches your car's make and model.  


Step#5: Put it back together 


After all the cleaning and scrubbing are done, the service team then puts the A/C system back together by bolting the accumulator back in place and attaching all the other components so that you will be free to take out your next cool drive downtown.    



How often should you check in for car AC service? 



At Kia Motors Site, our service team inspects the A/C system if that had been periodically maintained at specified intervals or not. Ideally, your car A/C system should be inspected every five months depending on whether you are using it regularly or not. Check your owner’s manual to be sure about the manufacturer’s suggested car maintenance schedule. 



Kia’s Recommendation 



For many, doing a self-car A/C service can be daunting but you always have the choice to drive in at Kia Motors Pakistan for professional A/C repair, inspection, and maintenance. Authorized Kia dealerships specialize in taking care of your vehicle in every way so if you are checking in for your car’s A/C maintenance, you may book your service by contacting Kia car service station to avail the premium car care. Kia Lucky Motors Pakistan encourages you not to prolong your car service as this also leads to poor fuel economy and will hamper your driving experience (which is definitely not something anyone wants to face, and neither should you).  


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